Technology Hates Me. And It’s Cold.

It is Monday.  And it is cold.  It is very cold.  But that’s the way this winter has been.  Very cold.  About normal for snow.  Which means we have had a fair bit.  Though not as much as I thought.  Probably isn’t more than 2 feet on the ground.  Snow, that is.  Sigh.  It’s been a very long winter.  Started too early.  It’s nearly 4 months now.  With about a month and a half to go.  Unless it is a late spring.  That would be bad.  Sigh.  Now this is what we need up here.  Warmth, and sunshine.  And a nice tropical look.  Sigh.  However, that is

A nice tropical beach in Hawaii.  A great place to be.  Sigh.

not what we have.  We have snow.  And very cold.  But it can be fun to dream a bit.  Wheehee!  That’s okay, I’m fine.  Really.  Speaking of technology.  Well, I’m supposed to be anyway.  Though I would prefer to talk about a nice warm, tropical location.  Walking through a beautiful tropical landscape, with beautiful tropical plants and trees and flowers and birds, and, and…something like this trail in the pic below.  Sigh.  Wouldn’t

A beautiful looking trail somewhere in Hawaii.

that be an enjoyable place to spend some time?  No, I have never been to Hawaii.  Except by looking at other’s photos.  But it is a place I would love to visit.  Impossible though it is.  But it still would be nice.  Now, before you distract me again, let’s get started with this technology thing.  I’m not really sure what the problem is actually.  But technology really does hate me.  Honest.  Just last week, for instance, I wanted to scan something onto my computer.  I tried.  Nothing happened.  Now, I have scanned from this printer before, and to this computer.  And it worked.  But not this time.  It just kept telling me that my printer did not have a scanner.  It does so, said I, and it worked before too.  Still would not work.  But an idea hit me.  I should know better.  My ideas don’t work all the time.  Okay, fine, my ideas usually don’t work.  Period. But anyway, I uninstall the printer and reinstall it.  It worked.  Amazing.  Then a couple days later I wanted to print something.  I hit print.  It started to print.  And print.  And print.  NO, NO!  I kept hitting cancel.  Nothing happened.  Just kept printing.  Finally turned the printer off.  HA!  That will teach you to give me a hard time, said I.  Turned the printer back on.  It started printing once again.  I hit cancel once again.  Nothing.  Finally I said, if you don’t stop printing I am going to unplug you!  Amazingly it stopped printing.  Should have tried that sooner.  Back to uninstall and reinstall.  Sigh.  Now it is working properly.  For how long, I do not know.  But it worked today.  Actually I was very close to taking that printer and throwing it out into all that cold snow outside.  Very close.  And then…oh, wait, it’s getting long again, guess I had better stop for now.  Muffin and I are making plans for the big holiday coming up next Monday.  Wheehee!  Family Day, that’s what holiday.  Actually, it’s a holiday that goes by different names depending on the province.  Kind of odd I must admit.  I think this Cabin Fever is really getting to me this year.  One of the worst winters for that terrible thing.  Speaking of terrible.  Something woke me up the other night around midnight.  Woke Muffin up too, and she was a bit scared, just staring at the door.  That can make a person just a bit nervous.  And there was a steady tapping sound.  Likely what woke me up.  The sound was coming from outside, on the deck.  Kind of like someone tapping on the window.  Naturally I had to get up and take a look.  Had to do it for poor Muffin, so she could go back to sleep.  There was nothing out there.  And there is nothing there that could make that kind of tapping sound.  Especially since there was no wind.  It was just clear and cold.  And it wasn’t the thumping, clumping, cracking sound that happens when it is that cold outside.  I know all of those sounds.  This was not that. Sigh.  Nothing like disrupting my sleep. Reminded me of my nightly visitor the first summer I lived here.  But it was -30 so I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be outside at midnight in that cold just for a prank.  Sigh.  Odd things happen to me.  Oh well, as I said, this is getting long so I better stop.  Again.  Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve.  And Muffin.

One Comment on “Technology Hates Me. And It’s Cold.

  1. I am glad that our computer does not act up like yours ! Maybe it IS the installer and not the computer ! Ha Ha !…hmmm…a tapping on your window…that would freak me out !


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