Humanity Begins With Pity and Compassion.(Collaboration)

My good friend Ilona and I have taken on another collaboration today on this subject. Please check out Iona’s blog if you haven’t already.  She has a great blog and loves to share her positive outlook and encouragement each day.

Humanity begins with pity and compassion (collaboration)

I did so many collaboration posts with Steve, because it goes very fast, the work can be done in very short time, check his blog if you didn’t yet

What is true humanity? There can be different definitions for this word, but one is; kind feelings, sympathy and benevolence toward other people. This is where pity comes in. Pity does not mean that one person is better than another. Just because someone is going through some hard times does not mean they are any less of a person than someone doing well in life.

We need to be showing pity for those less fortunate. Pity means showing sympathy for others who are suffering through grief or hard times. It means to be compassionate of those who are less fortunate, by helping them and encouraging them. It means to share with those who need help so they can have the same opportunities as others.

I believe those day people loosing some humanity with time. Instead than helping people in the need we watch them from high. Focusing on pointless things, material and useless. We should give more of our person to help the one in trouble.

We can see terrible things on tv to the news, war, killing, childs dying from famine but it dosn t stop our appetite. We just use to terrible things and sadly don t care anymore. It should change. We should all open our eyes and fight for the right things. To help people without waiting anything in return, to be just good and human.

Steve and Ilona.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.

71 Comments on “Humanity Begins With Pity and Compassion.(Collaboration)

  1. Thank you for another collaboration Steve, it was pleasure to work with you🤗

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  2. Steve, I would like to tell everyone who reads your Blog that I am just having a bit of fun with you. I do take your subject here very seriously. I am one who has needed some compassion and help in my life and I am very great full to those that took the time to take an interest and to offer a helping hand. I think you bringing this to other’s attention is very commendable! Thank You to both you and Ilona!

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  3. Hello Steve, hope you’re good 😊 thank you for this post but no one on earth likes pity and pity serves no one…I believe empathy and actions are required the most for a better world
    Have a great day 😊

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    • Yes, I agree, there must be action involved, but it needs to start somewhere. Unfortunately the true meaning of pity has been lost in our present society and has been given a bad reputation instead. It’s really compassion which leads to action. It’s actually a large topic to deal with and probably could go to 2 or 3 parts. Thanks for reading Huguette and for your comment! Yes, doing well, an early start to my day (Muffin was hungry, my fault, forgot her bedtime snack) so I was up at 2:30 this morning. Oh well, more time to do things! I hope it turns out to be a sunny day so I can try for more pictures. With our cold spring, birds are late coming back and so they don’t stay longer than a day or 2 before heading further north. So I don’t get much opportunity for pictures. Can’t do much about that though. But it is clear, so I hope it continues through the day and maybe warm up a bit. Last couple of days we only had temps of 4 and 5C. Those would normally be March temps, not May. Hope your day is going well, already noon for you!😄🌞

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      • I guess it’s a tricky subject with lot of synonyms but whatever you feel, it’s nothing without action (sorry but my point of view) some people act cold and look cold but what they do is amazing for others…you said it yourself, this subject needs not parts only but more treatment 👍
        Oh now Muffin is lacking compassion haha don’t do that Steve to Muffin 🙂
        2.30!? Do you ever sleep! It’s middle of the night 😐😐
        Hope it will get warmer to see more birds and therefore more pictures 😊
        My day is good thank you so hope your day will be great as well 😊 it’s 1.10pm now

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      • Sleep? Sometimes I wonder. But I did get about 4 hours last night. I have lots to do these days anyway so need more time😄. Yes, I think some subjects are just too big for one post, unless it’s a very long post, but then people wouldn’t want to read if it’s too long. Had someone looking in my window this morning,😲 but it was dark and when I turned the deck light on he took off so I didn’t get a look at him. Well, I suppose he could be a her for that matter. Though I doubt it. But without more info the police won’t do anything except drive around the neighborhood. I think the person probably lives close. I really should get a new lock, I just don’t want to spend money on extra things right now, I’m saving for something.😁Well, it’s nearly 5:30 and getting light so better get the bird food out!😄🐦

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      • Oh damn ! 4 hourd are just warming out for sleep 😂
        The real readers don’t care about the post long I guess as long as the subject is interesting and well put but everyone is free of course, anyway my opinion doesn’t matter
        Well you should spend money if it’s your security is in question ! Probably your belongings so you’re not practically saving money by not securing your self especially with the police negativity!
        Hope the sun will shine and birds will be flying around 😊 enjoy your day 😺

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      • True, 6 or 7 hours is better! I will probably end up back in bed early tonight.😴 So, now I know you like wolves and horses. Actually I remember you mentioning wolves one time, but didn’t know about the horses. I hope you will have a wonderful day!😃

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      • yes of course, if it’s not now, it will be later so you can fulfill these hours 🙂 Yes I love wolves and horses so much and wish I can have both one day!
        Have a wonderful day as well 🌞🌞

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      • Wolves are beautiful animals but they do make me nervous when they follow me when out hiking which has happened a few times! Those critters are huge.😬😁

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      • It was by accident, I just got this feeling of someone looking at me. The one time was after midnight when I was out in the forest for a little hike and when I turned around, there was 2 following me. I should write about more of these encounters I guess.🤔😄

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