About Friendship (A Collaboration)

Welcome everyone to another collaboration between Ilona and myself, this time about friendship.  Ilona is a wonderful and easy person to work with on these collaborations and I have enjoyed each one.  If you haven’t already, please visit her blog at https://easydiet.blog for daily motivation.

About Friendship

Friendship is a wonderful part of life. Friends can help to build us, encourage us, challenge us, give us advice. True friendship is built on trust. It can span different ages. 

True friendship can be between a man and a woman as well. There are many different kinds of friendships with people who are around us in our daily lives. There are casual friends, people we know but don’t necessarily spend a lot of time with.

There are close friends, generally just a few people that we enjoy spending more time with, those who have a bigger impact in our lives. Then there are special friends, perhaps only one or two that we are especially close to, who we can talk with about very personal or private things. These are people we can really trust and love, we know they won’t laugh when we discuss things or go around telling others about the things we talked about. 

True friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life. When you can open your heart and share about any of your feeling trouble or happiness with a trusted friend. When you have someone to count on in any situation.

When you give without waiting in return. But true friendship is also very rare. Sometime we want it so bad than we close our eyes in front of the reality. But only trusted honest person deserve your friendship, when someone use you or betray you and disappoint you too many time, better open your eyes and choose the right person on your side. Better be lonely than with bad friends.


Steve and Ilona.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite

27 Comments on “About Friendship (A Collaboration)

  1. Friendship is very important in life and there are many kind of friends, only few will stay and only few will be loyal and honest
    Thank you for sharing 👍

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      • Good morning Steve hope you’ll be having a sunny and productive day 🌞🌞
        Oh well, I always look at the bright side and there are lot of great people out there and have few in my life as well because as Ghandi said: be the change you want to see in the world and I was always the perfect friend that everyone wants to be with
        Enjoy your day 🌞🌞

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      • Hi Huguette, looks like another nice sunny day though quite a bit cooler than yesterday. One of these days it will stay warm.🌞😁But I have my coffee as I begin my day with some blog reading, I don’t think I will every catch up!😂I don’t know how people do it with several thousand followers, no way a person could read every post of all of them.😵I like that quote, I always figure if I want good friends then be a good friend, be someone that people like to be around, as you said. It works. Thanks for stopping by this morning, hope your day is going well!🌞😁☕

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      • Oh great the sun is up 🌞🌞 seems it will be a great day then 😊 it’s hard to read everything, it’s time consuming ! I read some blogs that interest me so much and the blogs that read my content as a mutual respect , some actually just like without reading, sometimes I do the same and other times I just unfollow, I don’t need likes
        Even my regular readers miss many of my posts even though I don’t post often, like those who post 100 posts per day
        Anyway, glad you liked it and you’re right be a good friend first
        Enjoy your coffee ☕️ and have a great sunny day 🌞🌞

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      • Yes, I have noticed some people just hit the like button but don’t read and some followers never actually show up at all. But I’m happy even just if people want to like and not read, at least they show up!😃I really shouldn’t pay attention to the stats so much, but I can’t help it.😂Muffin just woke up so it will be play time soon.😹Better get my breakfast first. Hmm, must remember, don’t post 100 times a day!😂Time for another coffee!

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      • Oh well stats are not bad to be good and high but I prefer readers to be honest 😊
        Good morning to Muffin 🐱 oh yes breakfast then play time 😊🌞
        Well several posts per day is not blogging for me maybe it’s normal for others 😊 enjoy your second coffee ☕️ 👍🌞

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      • I agree, but I still like watching those stats! I can’t believe that I’m nearly at 300 followers now, this last 100 went so fast. I read on a blogging tips site that a person should not post more than 6 a day. I would have to keep my posts very short to do that. I actually did 2 a day twice this week, a record for me! Actually I’m trying to make some changes in my posting right now so things are a bit different until I get it all figured out.😂😄

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      • Well yes I care about stats too but not more than readers and real interaction, it’s amazing !
        There are many blogging tips and they’re all free but many don’t bother to read and anyway each person must do what suits them, for me I try to give advices sometimes, I feel that this blogger can be better, when they ignore me, I retreat immediately…
        Best of luck in all your plans 👍😊

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      • No, that’s true, readers are the main thing, and it’s nice to get comments so I know if things are actually enjoyable to people or if I need to make some changes. Have to be a little careful about changes though, my blog has changed from it’s beginnings and I have lost followers as a result of those changes.🙁 But I have gained a lot more. Basically it seems that people want something a bit shorter. Muffin is popular so she is going to get a prominent spot once a week.😺And I have had some suggestions which I will add in once in a while, probably on Thursdays. See how things go.😁Thanks Huguette, hope your day is great!😃


  2. Wonderful post. Can’t say much because I can totally relate and agree with everything that was written. And true friends are those who are not only laughing with you but also cry with you during troubled times.

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    • Thank you so much Michelle for your wonderful comment! I have enjoyed these collaborations as well and I’m sure there will be more coming up. Have a great day!😃😺

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