Spending Time Outside, Mental And Physical Benefits.

Hello once again everyone!  Well, my good friend Ilona and I are back with another collaboration today and we hope that you will enjoy it.  I always enjoy doing these collaborations with Ilona, she is great and fun to work with.  Please visit Ilona’s blog over at https://easydiet.blog for some great inspiration and fun each day.

Spending time outside, Mental and Physical benefits (collaboration)

For whatever reason people often spend too much time indoors. And that often means way too much sitting which is proven to be unhealthy. It can raise blood pressure, cause heart problems, arthritis, obesity and many other things.

We need to try and spend more time outside, getting fresh air into our lungs. I know that in many large cities getting fresh air outside isn’t often possible. But generally, being outside, getting some kind of exercise is always a good idea.

Even if you can’t exercise, just sitting outside can have a better influence on your health than being indoors all the time. If you can, go jogging, walking, do some gardening, even if it’s containers of flowers on a deck.

 Maybe try photography, feeding birds or some other hobby. Find something to do that you enjoy and will take you outside on a daily basis and you will find it will make a big difference in your health and in your general outlook on life.

A healthy lifestyle is unthinkable without walks in the fresh air. Unfortunately, instead of spending time in the park or in the forest, we are increasingly choosing a TV and a computer.

The consequence can be nervous system diseases, chronic fatigue, weakened immunity. All this is avoided by the daily sip of fresh air and a few minutes spent in the wild.

Breathing, especially for people who do sports, the air is very important for the body. Unfortunately, when we do physical activity where there is not much air, we are damaging our body, increasing the risk of serious chronic diseases.

Walking in the park or in the forest not only relaxes the body and mind, but also provides the body with higher oxygen content. Take a deep breath while walking outdoors, move more actively.

Steve and Ilona.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.

56 Comments on “Spending Time Outside, Mental And Physical Benefits.

  1. The first time I arrived in Europe, I refused to go out. I love staying indoor because I practically grew up outside. I’m only inside when it’s bedtime so staying indoor with the tv was a welcome change. But I got fat hahaha 😂 and that’s when I decided to go out again. 2 hours of hard exercise a day before I return to normal. Now I love outdoor. Forest and beach especially.

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    • Being outdoors is the best way to go. I am very much an outdoors person, always have been, but winters are hard for me since it’s just too cold to spend much time outside though I still try as much as possible. But it can be hard in winter so in summer I am outside as much as I can be! We are surrounded by forest and lakes of all sizes so that’s where I like to be!😄🌲😁

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      • I lived in a rainforest back in my childhood. My parents had a kind of “Tivoli” business during my teen. I spend 16h a day outdoor so I really can’t blame myself of temporarily loving the indoor life. But like you I’m an outdoor person.

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      • 16 hours a day is a lot for sure! I did that in my teens, during the summer at least when I wasn’t in school. We lived beside a small lake, the only people living by that lake. So I was constantly out hiking around or out on the lake in my canoe. That was great. And I still like to be out a lot in the summer months. It’s a healthy way to do things!😄😁

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      • Totally agree 😁 that’s why I make sure my son get to spend time outside everyday if the weather permits it.

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      • If they do, they’re most probably too busy with the device in their hands to pay attention on where they are.

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      • That’s true enough! I saw a guy walking down the street one day with his eyes glued to his phone, people had to keep getting out of his way, finally he walked right into a tree! I really enjoyed that!😂😂

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      • No, it seems to be working fine, maybe you visited exactly when I was updating plugins and WordPress to the latest version.

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      • Oh it’s not English? haha 😀 Tivoli is a kind theme park or the one that arrives each time there’s festivals in town with thrill ride, dart games and bingo…

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      • ohh… I think the word is Norwegian. Haha 😀 It gets so confusing sometimes what language the words I’m using belongs too. Especially, I’m learning a 4th language right now haha

        But I think “tivoli” is more like a fair. Because isn’t carnival a kind of festival? At least here in Spain it is.

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      • Well, they set up at fairs, but normally are called carnival rides, at least on the side of the trucks they use to haul the stuff around. I know the kind of festivals you are talking about, we don’t have those here.

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  2. If you hear a roar of applause, it’s from me. The outdoors are so important to our health and well being. I came across an article on the NYTimes recently of how gardens and green spaces really helped Alzheimer’s patients (or perhaps it was dementia; I forget but it was a chronic brain illness). It was amazing.

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    • Yes, definitely green spaces are amazing for helping people. All too often people with various health problems are kept indoors all the time, but it’s better to have time outside each day, does wonders for sure! Thanks for reading and your great input, enjoy your day!😃🌞

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  3. This is a good collaboration and topic as well! In the city, I really hate to go out, I love nature and mountains but I try to exercise, to have fun with friends, being alone indoor can affect your mental health and increase the depression level I guess sometimes
    Our ancestors used to live more and be more healthy because they used to live naturally eat healthy and breathe a fresh air I guess
    Thank you for sharing 👍

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    • Thanks for such a great comment Huguette, really appreciate your interaction here. Yes, people years ago spent a lot more time outdoors than we do today. Staying inside too much can lead to depression and many health problems, those with depression are helped a lot by spending more time outside. It certainly helped me when I had depression, just going out and spending time by the lake did wonders. Even now during our long winters one thing that affects me so much is having to be inside so much. Enjoy your day!😃🌞😺

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      • Yes unfortunately how things change! Our parents used to shout at us to go back inside, nowadays they shout so their children go outside and leave the video games or else 😕
        It’s always a pleasure reading your content 😊🌞 enjoy your day as well 😸

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      • Sounds like a family down the street, the mother yells at the kids, no more video games until you’ve been outside for 1 hour. The kids always say, there’s nothing to do out here and they are trying to get back inside after 5 minutes.😂😂

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