Why Is It Not Easy For A Young Person To Live?

Hello everyone on this another beautiful, sunny day.  And today I have another collaboration with my friend Ilona over at https://easydiet.blog that we would like to share with you. 

Why is it not easy for a young person to live?

There is a lot of pressure on young people today, I think more than in previous generations. There is pressure to be perfect in everything. Pressure to look perfect, to have expensive clothes, drive an expensive car, have a large expensive house or apartment.

They need to have the top job, or nearly so, in whatever place they work, and it has to be right away. If they don’t have all of this then they are considered failures. This pressure comes in many ways, through peers, social media (especially celebrity sites), the internet in general, at school, advertising, and even from family.

And not being able to fit this mould that has been created by our society leads many young people to give up completely. Then they often turn to alcohol and drugs which just destroys their lives. I believe that with the right encouragement, most of these young people would not have given up at all.

It is not easy for young people to live because society imposes lifestyle and values on them. They are subject to great demands for a great future. The majority of society thinks that every person has to finish school, university, and family. Only when you have a solid base under your feet can you relax, travel and have fun.

And that’s what you want right now. Therefore, there is a desire to rebellion, to fight against the established order, and to prove their truths. But the real fighters are only the most courageous. He hates the established routine of life, the school, the city where he lives. Thus, the over-expectations of the public, with regard to young people, are dissatisfied, the desire to oppose.

It is difficult for anyone to find their place in the world.

Well, that’s it for this time everyone, I hope you have enjoyed your time here with us today, it’s always nice to have you here. Enjoy the remainder of your day and God bless!

Steve and Ilona.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.

14 Comments on “Why Is It Not Easy For A Young Person To Live?

  1. I agree, it is so hard in a way but in another way, this generation life has become so easy and yet they are not satisfied, if there are more people to spread awareness to love ourselves and never compare with anybody, life would be easier but this problem always persists, it wasn’t that wide because the internet wasn’t there and social media, but it was always there, we need to love ourselves, accept ourselves and never compare with anyone, in whatever generation we were born…And hope this generation will use the benefits of the technology and know how lucky they are instead of ruining their lives with comparison and fake standards…
    Great collaboration, thank you for sharing 🙂

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    • Yes, I agree, people should take advantage of that which is much easier today. Comparison problems I think are much worse now than in previous generations. Travel was almost unknown for most, there was really only local people to compare with and most people were in the same position and people accepted things a lot better and were satisfied. I have spent a lot of time at our local nursing home for the past 10 years and visiting other older people still at home and have learned a lot about their generations. Being satisfied was a big thing back then, not so now. Cost of living is terrible now too. In this area 10 years ago $15/hour was considered a good wage, not now, a single person would have trouble living on that today. But still, the biggest problem is likely just pressure from others which causes people to make bad choices. Yes, people should take advantage of what’s available and quit with the comparison which is what ruins people. Unfortunately those fake standards are what people believe are true and must be obtained no matter what, so sad. Thanks for reading Huguette!

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      • Yes I understand what you mean…I know it’s hard when the world is in our hands nowadays so the key is accepting our lives and our differences no matter how hard it might seem
        I know what you mean about previous generations, I see my parents and my grandparents how satisfied with their life and they barely have the minimum! It’s really amazing I learn a lot from them and I have a simple life
        I actually love to discuss important topics so thank you for sharing 🌞😊

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      • Yes, that’s it, accepting our lives which seems so hard for people to do these days. Personally I think social media plays a big role in that. Everyone posting of their perfect lives, except the only post the best to make it look perfect. So everyone plays the game of keeping up with each other, and ruining their lives in the process. Like debt. The easiest way to go into debt is by keeping up with those who already are. It’s basically the same in everything. I shouldn’t be bothering you so much while you’re at work though, soon the work day is over and you can relax again!😁🌞

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      • Yes I mentioned this in my post fake society and it’s totally true
        Keeping up with others is the reason of many issues and problems and debt as you said is the major one! This factor is taught in Economy, how this affects the expenses and so, and it’s very true
        Don’t worry you’re not bothering me at all 😊🌞 yes it’s about to end luckily
        Have a great sunny day 😊😊🌞

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  2. When you say it is hard for the young, do you mean it is easy for the old?
    When we were young there were only 3-4 options for us : Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher etc. Now there are millions.
    Life is tough because we are in a Rat Race and we are controlled and manipulated. If we stop to read the news papers and stop seeing news on TV our lives might become easier.
    Yes, I do see lot of pressure on the young and many come to me for counselling; but there are also many who have quit the rat race and are leading great lives.
    Another Problem I think is that instead of using technology and making it work for us, we are enslaved by technology 😌
    Our lives are more Outward than Inwards. We are looking more for social and peer approval than for peace within …
    But nothing to worry.. the young ones are smart and sooner or later they will figure out life …nothing lasts …

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    • No, we were not saying it is easier for older people, though they don’t have the same pressures, but they still have pressures in different ways. But the post was dealing specifically with young people who do have a great deal of pressure on them, more so than in previous generations. I don’t know about where you live but there were a lot more different jobs available at one time that are no longer available and yes, there have been new types of jobs. But most of those new jobs require extensive education which is very expensive, at least here in Canada and not many can afford it, or they end up so far in debt and then they can’t find a job in their field anyway. Moving to other countries to get work is not an easy option either. And technology, though a good thing, is also a bad thing if not used right, so that, as you said, we get enslaved by it. But it was a short post and not everything can be covered, we were focusing on one part which is real and a problem. Thanks so much for reading and for your great comment!🙂

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