Time For Coffee!

Hello everyone on this beautiful Friday morning here at Steve’s Country.  If you have been reading for a while then you already know that for me, it’s always time for coffee! Although, I admit that in the evening I do like tea as well.  But here it’s morning.  So grab a coffee and join me for our weekly chat on my deck.

It is such a beautiful sunny morning!  And it’s completely calm.  Not a leaf moving.  The lake is like a mirror except for a few ripples from some ducks swimming by.  And a loon sitting a little further out as he laughs, then dips underwater going after some fish.  Yes, it does sound like he is laughing.  His mate is undoubtedly sitting on eggs now.  They are a beautiful bird and one of my summer favorites.  I love listening to their mournful calls at night.  I think it sounds beautiful myself.  But it is always described as mournful.  Maybe I’m just strange.  Yes, I know.  We will just skip the ‘maybe’ on that one.  Ha!  Beat you to it.

White throated sparrow

The sun is shining right on the deck now, removing any touch of coolness that was present earlier.  The squirrels have arrived for their peanuts.  Two squirrels.  That never works.  Both females, Choco and Chatter.  Choco was first but Chatter is tougher.  So the fight is on.  They jump straight up, over a foot high (30cm) and land on top of the other one.  Then they roll over and over, joined tight together like a furry ball.  Amazingly they never seem to get hurt.  Certainly not seriously anyway.  Mostly a lot of noise.  Now if Cinder was here, she would be chasing both of the others away.  Not even nasty LB, a male, can stand up to Cinder.  She is top squirrel now.  Therefore LB doesn’t show up much anymore.  The only squirrel that Cinder can’t beat is Whitey.  But I think she likes him anyway.  Probably that white tail of his.

I have a lot of pics of the chickadees in winter so thought it would be nice to have a spring picture as well. Here he is sitting in the apple tree.

Doesn’t that chorus of bird song sound nice?  There is the song sparrow, white-throat, goldfinch, purple finch, robins, wren, and so many warblers out there this morning, all singing together.  And the sun shining so brilliantly on those new leaves, making them shine like gem stones.  The sights and sounds of country in town.  But the same can be found even in larger cities.  Parks early in the morning can provide the same enjoyment as found in the country.  People just need to get outside and enjoy it more.  It’s healthy for the body and for the mind.  If you get discouraged or depressed, then please, spend more time outside, you will feel much better for it.

Sylvester grabbing some peanuts before the squirrels spot him.

A very light breeze has started up and there are some dark clouds on the western horizon.  It is supposed to rain later today, looks like it might be earlier instead.  I love to see the new bright green leaves dancing in the sun with that breeze.  And the cherry tree next door is full of buds and will soon be a mass of pink blossoms.  And the apple tree by my deck has beautiful large white flowers each year.  It isn’t doing too good this year though.  That bear broke it seriously last year.  And it was definitely rotting in the center anyway.  There is so much green showing up everywhere now.  So many different shades of that green.  Just beautiful.

Viola, also called Johnny Jump Up, one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring.

I love spring.  But I’m sure you could tell that already.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  Followed by summer.  Because it’s warm.  And I like warm.  Just in case you didn’t know.  Hmm, those clouds are moving in fast.  Soon the sun will be blocked for the day.  Well, we still need rain, we only got a little the last time.  However, it’s probably time to end our chat for this morning.  It’s a little too cool yet to sit outside in the rain.

Thank you so much for joining me again today for our coffee time, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Enjoy your day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



72 Comments on “Time For Coffee!

  1. It is definitely coffee time and I feel lucky to be able to read your post. Life is wonderful with good friends here on the blog, making life brighter.
    Steve, your pictures don’t need no words from me, they speak for themselves🦋
    I wish you a wonderful day.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so very much for stopping by today Lillian, always a pleasure to have you here! And such a great comment too. I hope you are having a wonderful day as well!😃😺

      Liked by 1 person

    • These are red squirrels and I don’t think that 2 are ever completely alike even though they may be close at times. The ones around right now are quite different in their color so it’s easy. Chipmunks can be harder but they each have a unique personality which separates them easily.

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  2. Great read to have with my morning coffee☕ also reminds me when I go to visit my mother in South Carolina. I love the morning coffee on the porch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is always so nice to have my coffee on the deck, such a short season to enjoy that here! Glad you enjoyed your time here this morning, always nice to have you! Have a great day!😃🌞


    • Hey, hey, thanks for coming by today!!! Always so nice to have you here, glad you enjoyed the coffee with me today!! Had to go out for a bit but finally back again. Glad you are feeling better today!!😄🌞😸

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I prefer tea, so I’ll have some Teami Alive with frozen fruit, ☺️. The chipmunk is so adorable. These animals must really like you, to allow you to take pictures of them.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Steve, is Sylvester eating from a bowl you are holding? I see jeans in the pic😊. I love when the wildlife feel safe to come up
    close like that. Beautiful pics!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, that’s right, he’s sitting on my knee and I have a plastic cup full of peanuts for him. If both chipmunks show up together then one will sit on my shoulder and I feed him his peanuts there. The 2 of them don’t get along at all.😂 Thanks so much for reading and for your comment! Have a great day!😃😺

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Mr. R., very nice to have you here at Steve’s Country!😄😸 I will be over later today to check your blog, I was going to do so yesterday and then things got so busy I wasn’t able to. Sigh. I always seem to get behind just when I start getting caught up.😂Have a great day!😃🌞

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello Steve 🌞 a beautiful sunny day and lot of birds! It’s so great to listen to their hymns the Chikadees is amazing actually 😊
    Choco and Chatter haha they seem really naughty squirrels and this flower is really great 👍
    Sorry didn’t join you for the coffee ☕️ hope the day is going smoothly 🌞🌞😸😸

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, thanks so much Stu, I appreciate your taking the time to stop by! I was already in bed by the time you commented, was just so tired last night. Hope you have a great weekend, holiday on Monday, right? So an extra day to rest up for you.😃🌞😺

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your welcome. Sorry you were so tired…but I can relate. Normally I am bed by then too. But I had my son kast night, so I fought off sleep for awhile 🙂

        Yes, Monday is a holiday. And I will sleep in 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s nice to get an extra day to rest up anyway. Our holiday was this past Monday. The official start to our summer tourist season.😃


      • This big lake here, plus the many other lakes for fishing. That’s basically it, fishing, cottages and hunting in fall. It is an amazingly beautiful place in summer. Unfortunately summer is just too short!

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