Why Does A Man Ruin His Environment?

Hello everyone and nice to have you back again as we enjoy another great collaboration with my good friend Ilona over at https://easydiet.blog and I am sure you will enjoy this piece on the environment, so please read and comment if you like.

People don’t care about their environment because they don’t see any direct effect on themselves personally. In this area people toss garbage, old fridges, freezers, TVs, plastics of all kinds into the forest areas. 

They don’t realize that much of this garbage will take a 100 years to break down, some never will decompose. This is a big tourist area with a large lake and a lot of boats. People will dump oil and gas right into the lake and they say, ‘well, it’s a big lake, it won’t be noticeable’. Then a family of ducks comes swimming by and those ducklings get covered with oil. Well, it’s only one family of ducks, it’s not going to hurt anything, is what people say.

People continually toss coffee cups, chip bags, candy wrappers out of their cars while driving down the highway and say, ‘who cares, it won’t hurt anything’. But it all hurts the environment and it’s not hard to dispose of garbage properly. But it comes back to people don’t care because they don’t see any immediate effect on themselves personally. Let someone else deal with it. People often say, it’s not my problem. That is why people ruin their own environment.

Since the last century, mens evolve a lot in technology, power resource, making our life easier at the first look. But at which cost?

We slowly destroying our beautiful planet, our lands, sea and our own health. Why? Well obviously the first and main reason is for money. Big companys and fortune in this world dosn’t care to destroy our world until they can make more profit. The way they grow food, gmo, to get more profit, for cheaper cost

Stroughing rubbish and toxic product in our ocean who create island of rubbish, barely a new continent, who destroy completely the beauty underwater. All this to avoid to pay to destroy those things properly. This work for many other things..

Also the way we live, what we buy, we accept what they do by buying their product, but of course not everyone have enough money to buy bio healthy food. It have a cost and sadly we don t have choice sometime.

But at least we should do our best, even with little action, to preserve our world, to save it. Because he need us now more than ever. Or maybe the world will realise than we are the problem, the humans, and he will wipe us out to save himself. React until their is hope.


Thanks so much everyone for joining us again today.  I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day and God bless.

Ilona and Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.


60 Comments on “Why Does A Man Ruin His Environment?

  1. Thankfully though we can check facts on at least one of the alleged main problems. IThe IPCC is the UN’s own International Panel on Climate Change. Their task since 2000 has been to monitor alleged man made global warming and report annually. The UN – hence the international community – has been acting on these reports to tell what policies need to be enacted.
    Google “Game Over, The IPCC quietly Admits Defeat.” Download and read their reports for yourself when they were compiled in 2015. Despite the media taking each report annually and saying that global warming was occurring, the IPCC’s compiled reports (read them for yourself) conclusively proved there was no global warming from 2000 to 2015. The media hated this and it was not a main headline anywhere. On fact the UN even held a session to determine what they should do now that they had proof global warming was not happening. They voted to keep pushing the agenda “just in case” it might some day happen due to man’s actions. And, I am sure, their decision had nothing to do with the billions of dollars generated by the propagation of this lie. I mean if you count JUST the number of people who have to pay every year for an emissions test on their car…imagine the $$ lost if the media told the truth and people started to believe it! Global warming also helps to strengthen government controls. Regulations, etc. are placed upon companies, and fines collected. So what good is the money going to do to actually stop the way the weather goes? What good will the regulations do since they are put into place to battle something proven scientifically wrong by those who were the main authority on proving it right?
    I love how the large plastic deposit allegedly in the Pacific Ocean all of a sudden became invisible when Google Earth made it possible to look for it. At first they said it was just under the water far enough it could not be seen. Now its all made of microscopic particles. So just how does non-biodegradable plastic degrade itself into microscopic particles since it cannot be broken down in the environment anyway?
    Yes, we NEED to conserve. Yes, we NEED not to pollute. But we also need to use some common sense b/c it costs us money to shysters in power who are in a position to lie to us and take advantage of us. I find it hard to believe these con men are REALLY interested in the environment when so much $, and more control, is generated by pushing the agenda.
    BTW – acid rain did not kill all our freshwater lakes, the Carter energy crisis that we would be out of oil before 2000 (so of course gas had to be raised in price from US .35 a gallon to 2.00 – back then), the killer bees did not take over America on their long media-touted-dire-warning progression up through MX, the imminent frying of the earth by the enlarging ozone hole (every single day we saw this every time you turned on the news during the clinton years until 20000!) that was so feared disappeared all by itself by itself in January 2000 [scientifically impossible according to the hype we were told], the polar ice caps Al Gore predicted would melt away by 2013 are at record levels of ice, and global warming is as big a farce as pink elephants (except it makes more money).

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    • Very good Lee! Thanks for reading and for your great comment! I don’t believe all the global warming hype exactly, you are right, nothing was happening in those years, but there has been a small rise in temp but at the rate it’s going it will take a long time to make any impact, actually up this way it’s getting colder, not warmer. But pollution is still a huge problems that needs to be addressed because it is hurting the environment and us ultimately and much of that problem could be easily addressed by better packaging for example. And I have personally seen many animals small and large being trapped by various garbage that was carelessly tossed into the forest or just along the highway. I do my part as much as possible to do and it wouldn’t be hard for everyone to do that. Thanks for reading Lee, your comment is much appreciated. have a great day!


    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks – and I agree with what you said. I am the kind of person who asks myself each time I want to use a paper towel if I REALLY need to use it. I re-use paper plates unless they were ruined the first time around. I also am the one who would find a can or bottle in the woods and carried it out with me to be recycled (not for money). I guess a lot of it comes from being out in the wild so much and when I get back to where there are people, the streams, lakes, etc. have been dumped in for years. Now most of the time I see where God’s wisdom has made nature so an awful lot of the time it can recover (or we would already be dead!). But its still no reason to pollute 🙂

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    • That is so true, people don’t think about what they are doing. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a great day!🙂


  2. Another important post about a very major topic: environment
    It’s really sad what humans did and are doing to this world! This world they are living in, they don’t care if they will ruin it for good and they actually did!
    For me each individual must start from themselves regardless what others do and then governments must apply very strict laws…but most of the times government is a complice in this conspiracy unfortunately
    I guess no hope in humanity, we lost the beauty of this world and we’re continuing to
    Thank you for sharing 👍

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    • So true Huguette! It is terrible to see what has happened. I know some things are necessary but they could be done better to keep the environment at least much cleaner than it is. And if they had done things properly right from the start it would not have cost so much. People are too concerned about the money they make and not about anything else. Thanks for reading Huguette and for your wonderful comment!😁🌲🌙😸

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      • There’s a video for Steve Cutts called « Man » it really says it all in few minutes how we ruined this planet! You should watch it
        It’s always a pleasure dear Steve 😊🌞

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      • I will check it out. I may not get that post done today after all, I tripped a little while ago and fell. I really hurt my back which is getting worse all the time. I just hope it’s only temporary.😕🙀

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      • oh damn! I’m sorry to hear so and hope you’re better today and no big harm???? Take good care and update us on this injury :/

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      • Hi Huguette! I don’t really feel much better this morning, but it might take a while to heal. Lots of bruising to my back, pinched nerves and some damage to my spine. Should all heal okay with time, I just hope it’s better by a certain time in June. I have some plans that I don’t want disrupted. Oh well, the joys of life sometimes.😁Hope you are having a great day!😃😺

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      • This is bad! Shouldn’t you do some tests or MRI or so? And hope you will heal very soon and your plan won’t be affected! Of course joys of life are major😁 wish you a great day despite this bad incident 🌞😺

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      • Unfortunately the nearest MRI is 6 hours east of here, too far to travel, but x-rays show nothing major, just have to wait. Thanks, hope your day continues good!😁🌞

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      • 😁😁 to your birthday plan 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
        I’m reading your post now 😊😊
        Just a question do I need to mention the creator and inform her?

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      • Then you need to nominate another blogger dear Steve 🌞 sorry had an issue with her
        Don’t want to mention things here
        Thanks a lot anyway 🙏🏻

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      • Don’t worry, just have to find someone from a different country, shouldn’t be too hard, just not too many want to try something like this, but I have a couple ideas, need to wait for a reply.

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  3. I am living in one that kind of country which is very great at keeping nature in good health. Anyway, even though too much plastic and too many people who don’t appreciate our world. People can save the planet if they would want it. Sometimes looks like they don’t want or don’t understand. I believe it is mostly lack of education about of importance. I also believe that hurricane and tsunamis hit our planet for a reason because they usually happened where people don’t care much.

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    • Thanks for reading Margo! Yes, I agree with your thoughts there, we could clean up the mess if we wanted to and better education is needed for sure. Thanks for your comment, enjoy your day!😁🌞

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    • Thanks for reading Eugenia! It would really take a few such posts to cover this big country better, but it does give a quick look anyway. Muffin meows hi to you as well, she is sitting right beside me!😁😸


  4. Absolutely the truth. We are the cause of so much damage and no one is thinking of ways to keep this beautiful planet we’ve been given beautiful🌹

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    • Thanks for reading! With the technology we have today it seems like it would be easy to come up with ways to clean up our mess, but no one is really willing to do it. Have a great day!😃😺


  5. I did a volunteer plaement with the Wildlfe Trust and to see data on wild habitats shrinking and the number of rare species declining is very sad. Every little thing we do helps in some way and I agree we should never give up trying to make a difference!

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    • Thank you so much for reading Jenny! Yes, so many species are declining every year and others going extinct is a sad thing. Every little bit we do helps for sure. Glad that you could stop by and I hope you will come back again, we would love to have you here at Steve’s Country! I hope you have a wonderful day!🙂🌞


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