Impatience In Today’s World.

Hello everyone and welcome back today.  My good friend Ilona and I are here with another collaboration for you to enjoy and think about.  You can find her blog over at

People are so impatient these days.  It can be seen all over, in stores, restaurants, at work.  It is something that keeps getting worse.  People don’t even want to read anything longer than a short paragraph now, sometimes only the headlines of an article.

Why?  I think a big part of the problem is our modern technology, which has made things easier and faster.  But we are now conditioned to having things done so fast that if something doesn’t happen quickly, people get impatient.  Not that long ago email was considered a fast way to communicate, now it is too slow for most people so they don’t even want to use it anymore.  It has to be done now, not a minute from now.

That idea has permeated our whole society.  So when things happen to make something slower people become impatient and that quickly leads to anger and fighting.  Thanks to technology we have more free time than ever before in history, but it comes with a price.  We have become slaves to time, so we become impatient when something interferes with our time.

Patience is something very difficult to aquire. In modern days we can have everything fast, accessible. People get use to it and can’t wait anymore. It dosn t help as it give frustration, angryness and stress.

You can t expect to reach a goal in a blink, need to work for it, to give your best, to deserve and earn it. And maybe to try again if necessary.

The key of success is the patience and motivation. Its something we should teach to the kids at the earliest age because its the most impatient person. If you make them use to have anything what they want when they want it wont help them, it will give them bad character and selfish attitude in the future.

Steve and Ilona.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.

62 Comments on “Impatience In Today’s World.

  1. Wonderfully done. We do need to be mindful of our instant gratification privilege.
    @Steve I emailed you just moments ago. It’s important.

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  2. So great collaboration Steve! I think people should learn to look into the meanings of everything because everywhere meaning in everything. Listening to others more than we talk it is a great knowledge and listening others and staying present at this moment is a great wisdom. 🙂

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  3. The problem is when you’re used on a certain level and certain pace, it’s not easy to cope or settle for less
    The old generations knew the hard and slow pace this is why they appreciate whatever they have, and they are patient
    While new generations only knew fast and easy so they can’t imagine what’s like to be slower and hardest and whenever they face something that slow their life, they become angry
    They don’t know what’s like without a smartphone, the time you needed to make an effort to connect, the time the computer ms were slower, the internet was a dial up and only for few etc…
    so patience needs to be worked on really hard these days
    Thank you for this collaboration 👍

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    • Good morning Huguette! Thanks for reading and for such a great comment! That’s true, our fast paced lifestyle now produces impatience easily and a person has to work on patience. A person doesn’t have to go back too far, say 1970s and there was no computers,💻 smart phones, 😲people wrote letters (can you imagine how long that would take for an answer?), long distance phone calls were expensive, not cheap like today. I wonder if we could survive like that now? Thanks for a wonderful comment and I hope you are having a great day!😃🌞😺

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      • This is true, I wanted to mention slow computers not the time where there were no computers at all also
        I still remember the letters, used to send to my aunt when she left to Canada 😊
        And everything was expensive and takes time as you said
        Hope your day is great 🌞 it’s a holiday also so I’m out with friends 😸 hope you’re better also 🌞😊

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      • Yes I saw the post 😊 amazing actually 😃😸 yes we take 2 days for Fitr holiday, the official organizations also tomorrow but not the private companies so tomorrow back to work 😊

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  4. We have become a microwave society, and we have forgotten the fact that “time” protect “reality”. Now reality is moving faster than time. Time say wait until tomorrow to achieve that goal and reality say what if tomorrow never come. Thank you for sharing about this important issue.

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