Hurt And Guilt.

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are having a great day!  Today once again we bring you a treat, another collaboration with my good friend Ilona over at and we hope you will like what we have for you.

In life every action have consequence, not only on ourself but also to others. Sometime you can hurt people without really noticing, with words or action, because on the moment you didn t took in consideration the perspective of the other person

. Thats why we should always think what feel the person in front of you as if it was yourself. The guilt is an horrible feeling, who can haunt for life, for previous action than you realise too late. So better act kindly and carefully than regret in the future.

We have probably all been hurt by someone at some point in our lives, and we have very likely hurt someone.  Words can hurt far worse than we think and can bring a person to total despair and to thinking they are no good for anything.

Sometimes we might be having an argument and say something we shouldn’t and we realize that right away.  But the words are out and we can’t take them back.  They can hurt terribly and we can have guilt because of what we said.

That guilt is a good thing.  It helps teach us we need to do something quickly in this situation.  It also teaches us that we need to be more careful in the future.  Remember, words can hurt deeply and can take a long time to heal.


Steve and Ilona.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.

70 Comments on “Hurt And Guilt.

  1. I like your together post with Ilona. It is exciting to read your point of view. In my life I always been hurt to someone but you know, I taught myself do not let others make me feel bad. It is probably the best goal I achieved in my life and it raised my vibration, my self esteem on the scale of a hundred percent. Anyway, sometimes you do not mean to offend someone but the most difficult thing is they still got offended for no reason. In that case I taught myself to not to pay too much attention to other people feelings. Their feelings not mine and if I always will think about other people I will not have time to think about myself. I am the creator of my life. Lots of love to both you beautiful human beings! 💞💞💞

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    • Thank you so much for reading this evening Margo! And thanks for a wonderful comment too! And you are right, people will always hurt us, whether intentionally or not, but it’s how we deal with it and we shouldn’t let what others do or say make us miserable. Handle it right and we stay on top! Thank you Margo for that and love to you as well!😃🌞😻

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  2. Good afternoon still, this topic means a lot to me, because i had experience it multiple times, it seems happening very often, hen i hurt someone and after i feel guilty, or hurt someone not on purpose and to live with guilt it is very difficult, some people hurting others and they dont feel guilty, i dont know how some people can so cold with iron heart, well i guess we are all so different :), i hope you are having a wonderful day my beautiful friend, i had one coffee and today i will try to read blogs and to comment, i have a lot to catch up seems, you have been posting a lot, how do you have time i have no idea, to post and to support everyone, are you a supermen?😁

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    • I’m certainly no superman, but wish I was sometimes! When you read my email you will know I am far from superman stuff! Yes, I don’t know how some people can be so cold, like they have no conscience at all, it’s terrible really. I am having my second cup of coffee now and getting ready to do a short post. I have fallen behind on reading other blogs again, but I have a new idea to start next week. I have discovered there is not way I can read every post each day, so will have some regulars to always read and others will just have a different list for each day, and I will see how that works, might have to adjust things a bit. I like to spend time outside in summer as much as possible since our winters are long so it means less time on my blog. The day has begun and it looks like another great day for pictures, got a lot yesterday, but I need a lot more yet! Stop by whenever you can Ilona, always nice to talk with you!!! But I know you are busy so don’t worry if you don’t have time. Hope you have a wonderful day as well, you really are a special friend!!😃🌞💛😸


  3. It’s impossible to take back the words once they’re said and it’s impossible to always think twice before saying some words. We can try to manage as much as we can and we can’t control the rest because some people are so sensitive, no matter what you say they’re hurt, you say the same to another person and they’re not hurt
    So the matter is not humiliate people and not saying something that can destroy them or the relationships…other than that, we must be ourselves and those who don’t like us, they will leave our life
    Recently I’ve been called « Nasty » because I was trying to be honest and the other person was acting so weird! I wish I can publish the correspondence…so it’s not always our words, sometimes the others perspective and small minds
    Good collaboration as usually 👍

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    • Thanks for reading Huguette and such a great comment. You’re right, it does depend a lot on people, some don’t care and others are easily hurt. Yes, my idea is just to try not to deliberately hurt someone, if I do for some reason I will apologize right away. Words are amazing things, they can build or destroy, I just try to make sure my words are not on the destroy side. But it can still happen. Thanks for your great comment Huguette, enjoy your evening!😃😺

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