Gold Diggers.

Hello everyone, Ilona, and I are back once again with another collaboration.  Something to think about.

We all know money take a big part in our life, way too big sadly. It make us do difficult choice, motivate us to work hard to have a better life, its a goal for accomplishment for many people. But for some people they just can give there soul and body, for those people its all what matter in life no latter what, no matter the pain they can do to other, the gold diggers. I saw a video of a youtuber recently tricking woman with their boyfriend, even with kids sometimes. Pretending to be interest by them with supercar to see their reaction, it was chocking, how human can go so low for money, how they can through their family away, their “love” for some cash. I m just disgust by this kind of human. People forget what really matter because of money, i don t know if its because of selfishness or because they got manipulated by the society, commercial, movies, tv, who promote beauty and money as the ultimate goal in life. But i feel sorry for them and i have pity. What really matter in life is health, family, feelings, experiment in life in the good and difficult days who will make us what we are , who will make us unique as we all are. But of course success and goal are important and we should all give our best for it but not at the cost to erase all the rest include your family and your soul. We shouldn t be hypnotize by numbers on a bank account or paper in the pocket. To all those people i just want to tell them to wake up because when they will it will be too late and they will live alone and sad with their cool cars and nice house.

Money is an amazing thing.  It is an important part of our lives.  We need it and we constantly work to get it to provide a good life for us and our families.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  But for some people it goes way beyond that and they are willing to do absolutely anything to get it.  For example, women will leave their families to obtain that goal of large sums of money, even if it means giving up their life, living like a slave in order to have that money.   And it’s not just women either.  I really believe that our society puts pressure on men and women, even starting with children, that the only thing that matters in life is money, having a large bank account.  People can’t be satisfied anymore with a comfortable life, it has to be more and that leads people to do strange things just for the love of money. It is promoted everywhere in our society so that people have forgotten what is truly important in life.  It just isn’t worth giving up family, love, health, and yourself, just for having that extra large sum of money.

Ilona and Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod and Ilona Pulianauskaite.

29 Comments on “Gold Diggers.

  1. That’s great collaboration again. Looks like you are team now. 😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Well, I always playing in my mind the words that two great people said to me: 1. Everything will turn to dust. (Said by gipsy Dyane) and 2. Use money to help people but never use people to make money. (Said my mentor Paul Santisi) both of them right 💯. Money is not the thing. Just imagine ourselves lost at the sea, we came to the island that there is no any person around and we have a huge pile of money. Can we eat it? Can we drink it? Nope. We can’t even buy food and water with them because money is just a thing like everything else.

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    • Thanks so much for reading again Margo! Yes, Ilona and I seem to make a good team, we work well together. You are absolutely right on with your comment. Those people you quote are right. Money is needed in our present society, but it needs to be kept in proper perspective. That’s so true, money is just a thing, if more people could only see that. Thanks for your great interaction Margo and have a great evening!!😃🌙😺

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      • Awesome! For me it always delightful to read your blog and as well as Ilona’s. So many great and wonderful people here! I am so lucky! 😀

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      • There truly are many wonderful people here, you are one of them too! I hope Ilona and I will be able to do at least one more collaboration this week before I go on vacation.😁

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  2. Yes, Steve. Money is important but is it all? I don’t think so, not for me atleast. Money can buy momentary happiness perhaps but still not the kind of happiness that stays. It us disgusting, I agree with you, how for some people it is so natural to be this cheap and characterless. It’s good to be ambitious and want money which is your hard-earned. Sadly, our whole of
    Earth runs on money and nothing else.
    Nevertheless, it’s an amazing post. Both of you did a great job☺️

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    • Thanks Ramyani for a great comment! Money we need these days but when it consumes us that is a different thing. True that money can buy a form of temporary happiness but I wonder if that happiness is real at all. Thank you again, never let money rule your life. Enjoy your day!😃😺


  3. Very important subject and collaboration 👍
    It’s nearly impossible to convince people that money isn’t anything even though it’s important so we can have a decent life but not more than that! Nowadays people want to fight for money, kill for money, steal to have money and be slave as you said! In the process they forget to live, and a day will come and they discover how miserable they are, but it’s usually too late
    It’s getting worse not better, before it wasn’t this much, years back it wasn’t that much
    Nowadays it’s too much and I believe it’s getting worser
    The most beautiful things in this world are totally free and you can’t buy them anyway even if you have billions! Like good health, true love, good child that loves you and make you proud, true friends and a moment of tender or peace…smiles, hugs, affection, honesty, loyalty ….and there are more
    All must be given willingly and for free!
    Have a good day / weekend 😊

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    • Thanks so much for reading and for your wise comment Huguette! You are absolutely right in what you said, and it is getting worse all the time. People get consumed by money and it ruins them. We need what we need, but people are never satisfied with that and they miss out on the most beautiful things in life that can’t be bought. Love your interaction here Huguette, thanks so much and enjoy your day!😄🌞😸

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      • My pleasure Steve 😊I guess we can’t do much except not being like that which is fair enough 😊
        Hope your weekend is great 🌞😸

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      • The pictures turned out great! It was so nice, these birds were here 2 years ago, but I didn’t have a camera then, and last year they didn’t come. There was at least 40 of them out here today! They are such beautiful birds too, called Cedar waxwings. Will be sharing these pics soon.😁🌞📷😸

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      • It cooled the temp to 28C now though with the humidity right now it doesn’t seem any different. I seem to have broken the switch on my ceiling fan, now I can’t turn the lights on. Sigh. Always something with me. Hopefully I can fix that before my landlord finds out!😂😂

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