Blue Jay…A Poem.

Hi everyone! This poem should have been posted yesterday, but got somewhat misplaced in among all my papers.  So here it is, a day late.


Blue jay flying through the trees,

Feathers ruffled in the breeze,

Shining bright, that color blue,

So wonderful, that is true.

Upon a branch he sits proud,

And likes to call very loud.

Thus protecting others too,

It is great, this jay that’s blue.

He likes to sit way up high,

With brighter blue than the sky.

Amazing bird, yes, it’s true,

Beautiful, that one so blue.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “Blue Jay…A Poem.

    • Thanks Nina and so true! Except for the frozen color blue! Hope you’re having a good day.😁😄🌞🍁🍂🌼🌻 it’s 52F here right now and raining again. We have certainly been getting rain lately, much more than normal. Still, not so bad as some in the hurricane. Can’t even imagine that kind of rain.😬😲


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