Outdoor Benefits. Part 1.

Hello everyone on this very cool Saturday morning here at Steve’s Country.  Saturday is usually a day when people don’t like to think about exercise.  It’s a day to sleep late and do nothing.  But being outdoors is something that I think is very important for our well being, both physically and mentally.  And it is something that everyone needs, no matter where you live.  Here our nursing homes will take people outside when the weather is nice, just so people can get some fresh air and a bit of sunshine.  It is something that is healthy for us.  Anyway, there will be 2, maybe 3, parts to this.  I hope you enjoy.

One of our local daycare centers taking kids out for fresh air and exercise.

For whatever reason, people often spend too much time indoors.  And that often means way too much time sitting, which has been proven to be unhealthy.  It can raise blood pressure, cause heart problems, arthritis, obesity and many other health issues.

We need to try and spend more time outside, getting fresh air into our lungs.  I know that in many large cities getting fresh air outside isn’t always easy to do.  But generally speaking, being outside getting some kind of exercise is always a good idea.

Find a park or green space and get some fresh air, run around, exercise.

Even if you can’t exercise, and I know some people are not able to for one reason or another, just sitting outside can have a better influence on your health than being indoors all the time.  But if you are able, go jogging, walking, do some gardening, even if it’s containers of flowers on your deck or walkway.

Get out for a picnic, enjoy some sunshine.

Maybe try some photography, feeding birds (if you are allowed to where you live), or find some other hobby that you can do outside.  Find something that you can do, that you enjoy, and that will take you outside on a daily basis.  You will find it will make a big difference in your health and in your general outlook on life.

Go outside and enjoy the rocks, don’t sit inside and become one.

I will leave it there for today, but there will be more to come on this important topic.  Look for it on a blog near you!  Namely, right here.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend, get outside, enjoy the day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



33 Comments on “Outdoor Benefits. Part 1.

    • Thanks Nina!! That’s true, haven’t been outside today except to feed the birds. Terrible. Thanks, you as well!!😁😸🍁🍂🌲🚶‍♂️


  1. Hey Steve! Well what we have here.. Benefits of bonding with Nature✨👏 Agree your points, A little walk is the least people should try.. Have a wonderful weekend ✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading Simon!! Yes, even a short walk is better than nothing.😃🚶‍♂️ There is a 93 year old woman in my neighborhood that is out walking every day, she can’t walk far, but she still gets out!🚶‍♀️🙂 Have a wonderful evening Simon!😀😸🌞


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