What Can One Person Change?

Hi everyone!  Today we have a collaboration post between Ilona and myself.  We hope that you will enjoy it.

What can one person change?

One person- this definition seems to describe helplessness, weakness, disability, fear.  However, some life situations, historical examples show that one person can do a great deal if he really wants to.

Human actions are often determined by humanity and conscious self-determination.  When it comes to wanting to create something new, it is important for each person to stand out from the crowd.  To resist other people’s influence, one must have a strong personality.

Sometimes people think that when they are by themselves there isn’t much they can do. But really a single person can often do more than a group of people.  It takes determination and the will to move ahead and not worry about obstacles or what people will say.

Many scientific discoveries of the past were made by a lone person, not a group of people.  And often facing many obstacles.  But they didn’t give up.  Too often we say, what can I do, I’m by myself.  So we quit before we start.  Up here in the northern forest more than a hundred years ago, one man built a log castle.

One person can start a successful business, starting with very little.  With determination a person alone can do a great deal.  Stop looking at the negative, have a positive attitude instead.

Ilona and Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


18 Comments on “What Can One Person Change?

  1. As Mahatma Ghandi has said:” Be the change you wish to see in the world. ”
    Regardless whether some liked or dislike Ghandi , this is like the ripple effect or butterfly effect where he has liberated India peacefully and gracefully through faith . As said , faith could move mountains and even transform …You connect to higher divine unlimited power …
    There is a saying in Arabic that says
    :” تدعي انك جرم صغير وفيك انطوى.
    . العالم الاكبر ”
    That means you are not only a small planet in the cosmos or universe but the bigger universe .On other words , you are not only a drop in the ocean but also the ocean in the drop …
    As said, the kingdom of God is within you…
    You are not only your ego mind or your physical body but also the divine spirit and the cosmos in a temporary human experience …
    When you truly believe that you are like everyone special, capable and created uniquely by God , there is no way but the whole world to transform to adapt to your faith , inner power and peaceful change …
    As within , so without …
    Best wishes and regards from Lebanon…

    Shukran شكرا ( Thank you …)

    Wael …

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    • Thank you so much for reading and for your wonderful comment! Yes, if we start with ourselves, that change will move outward and cause greater effects. And truly faith can move mountains and transform lives. I hope you have a wonderful day Wael!😃😺🍁🍂

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  2. Both of you rock , … ( rock and roll , kidding …)
    You are stunning …

    As said in French :”Charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même.”
    Charity and well order or being well-OF starts from oneself …

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