About Beauty.

Ilona and I are back with another collaboration post for you to enjoy.

Although outward beauty has always been considered important, I think our present society concentrates on it way too much. Everywhere you look there are ads for beauty products, articles on beauty tips, models are always beautiful in every way, but it’s all dealing with outward beauty.

Everyone would like to look young, beautiful, handsome, but really, what is most important? Outward beauty or inner beauty?

No one will deny the fact that the cult of appearance is very important in modern society. Television, newspapers, magazines are all shimmering with news about who, how much and how much plastic surgery has been done, who and how much money has been spent on a new designer suit or dress.

And that would be nothing like that, but without us noticing, beauty and appearance stereotypes are implicitly formed, so here’s why when we see a girl, we can tell if she could be in a movie or obedient mommy or a true hip-hop fan and it is up to each of our personal imaginations to determine which stereotype will be most attractive and acceptable.

Ilona and Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


26 Comments on “About Beauty.

  1. Amazing topic again! I can’t tell you enough about how much importance is given to outward beauty in India. Beauty products especially fairness creams are so popular. People don’t even realize when they stereotype and look down upon people who are considered ‘not good looking’ .. people scrunch up their noses when they come across a fat person, or a dark skinned one! It’s ridiculous how we have set out beauty standards.

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  2. Wow Steve! Good to see your collab✨✍️ Beautiful Topic indeed. Remembering beauty🤔 People are too bothered about their outer beauty eventually you will end up spending more and more and more to look that picture perfect, in the end it is just an illusion. Inner beauty needs no makeup and its forever young. Good things takes time to understand isnt it ✨😉 Hope your day is warm enough for a little walk✨🤗

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    • Thanks for reading our collab today Simon! Always nice to have you here. So true, people are spending billions each year to get that “perfect” look, and for what? Eventually it’s lost anyway. That’s it, inner beauty needs no make up, it stays beautiful, that’s what we need to see.
      No walk today, too much pain, I will wait for nicer weather coming on Monday. Enjoy your evening!😁🌞🌙

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