Daily Pics #7.

Good morning!  Still nice and cloudy here so it must be a good time for more sunny pics today to brighten up those dull clouds a bit.  And…it’s Monday!  Everyone’s favorite day!  No?  Hmm, then you definitely need to make a change and enjoy Monday.  After all, it’s just a day, so why not make it a good day.  I much prefer a good day to a bad day.  So it’s best to make it a good day.  Just sit down and make a list of all the good things today.  And don’t tell me you can’t think of anything.  There are lots of good things about every day.  Let’s start with some bright pictures to get your list going…IMG_4445

Above we have a beautiful dark pink peony to get our day off to a nice start.IMG_4814

And I finally found out what this beauty is called, the clustered bellflower.  This gives us 2 different bellflowers now, and 2 more to go.

But not today however, another time.  But I do hope all of you have a beautiful and bright day, God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (who is doing her best to help me type, in her sleep).

© 2019 Steve McLeod. 

23 Comments on “Daily Pics #7.

  1. So beautiful Steve! Thank you!
    Monday is almost over for me 😉 Funny fact is same as the other weeks days for me…unless is not weekend, is still work day 🤪
    Have a wonderful week both of you!

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  2. Hi Steve, A very Good Morning to you. Monday is over, i had my dinner✨😉 Look at th beauty in pink peony thats a lot of ruffles added its beauty 😍 and bell flower, it must be drunk, why?🤔 becoz the bell is upside down😜😂 It was a beautiful bright rainy and sunny day for us, too awkward to see all at once 🙄✨😉 Have a beautiful day Steve & Muffin✨🤗✍️

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    • Hi Simon! I’m just having my lunch, a bit early because my ultrasound appointment is earlier today. I never thought that one would be a bellflower, found it by accident looking up a different flower. We have a very dark cloudy day again.😎 When I go out to take a picture, the camera says to use the flash!😬📷 So I know it’s dark out there! Have a great night!😀😀🌙🤪 At least you’re not traveling tonight.🚂✈

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      • Haha Thanks Steve, no i am not travelling😁 so dont forget to find the flowet name ✨😉 And go safe for your ultrasound appoinment. Take care Steve✨🤗✍️

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      • Yeah, just when I think I know all the flowers around here, a new one pops up!🤔😳🙄 But that’s part of the fun.😀😀📷 Thanks, you too Simon!😁🌙

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      • Aww. Good! Ok I’ll get to work on it right away. Bright sunny flowers coming!!🌸🌺🌼🌻
        I do have a song working up now—something joyful. I have to practice first as I want to sing this one in Ukrainian. Such a pretty language.

        We finally got some rain today!!! Woohoo! More cozy socks to make! 😜

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      • Sounds good Nina! And a nice song coming too, double good!! So nice that you can speak Ukrainian. I still have trouble with English, but really should try to relearn French, but since I don’t have anyone to speak it with makes it kind of hard.
        We actually had a bit of rain today too, but now it’s colder so will likely be icy tomorrow. I will have to be careful when I go out to feed the birds in the morning. That reminds me, have to bring that feeder inside before the raccoons get at it. Sigh.
        Then it’s off to bed, good night Nina, will be watching for your posts!😁😸😴🌙


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