Daily Pics #18.

Good morning on this last Friday of November!  And remember, Friday is Fantastic!  It’s another chilly, cloudy day here.  Poor Jessica is getting buried by snow.  And Simon is getting soaked with rain.  Here I’m freezing.  Hopefully it’s better where the rest of you are living.  But even if it isn’t, always remember, the sun still continues to shine and can break through those clouds at any moment.  Muffin is certainly waiting for that, she misses her patch of sunshine for sleeping in.  I really think this cloudy weather is getting to her as well.  Although bright flower pictures are no help for poor Muffin, they are a nice thing to look at anyway.  So here we go…20191007_152200

A nice bright, sunny yellow marigold to start things off this morning.IMG_4731

And here we have some bright white flowers on a tree.  I do not know the name of the tree.  There are 2, one about 20 feet, the other about 30 feet tall.  These are actually clusters of tiny white flowers that together are about 1 foot (30cm) in length.  They are in my neighbors yard and bloom so beautifully in early summer.

There it is folks, these days seem to be flying past.  I hope you have a Fantastic Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Daily Pics #18.

  1. Hi Steve, 🥰 Thank you so much to add my name over there, Jessica would love that too🤗. Hope you had a good night sleep. 3 more days of heavy rainfall projected here. Yet to see clouds🙄 Looks like they are somewhere nearby on a break.. 🤔hmm.. Let me put a diversion board here, They should not come this way😜😀 I’m sick already. Cant take it more.😐😒 Hope your Thanks giving was good. This marigold is reminding me my favourite Jackfruit😍, whats that noise🤔🙄 I’m hungry again🤦Enjoy your Friday Steve😍🥰 Take care. Have a beautiful day…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Clouds? You want more clouds? Please take ours, I have almost forgotten what blue sky looks like.😵🙀🌨🌨No Thanksgiving here, ours is in October. Though being thankful all the time is a good thing. Munch, munch. Always thinking about food. Munch, munch. Don’t see me thinking about food. Munch, munch. 😀🍟🍟makes such a nice snack. Munch.🙄🙄 It is a beautiful day, thanks Simon!


      • Great Steve! Sounds same here, the diversion board didnt work😒 Its raininf now and cold🥶 my sickness will never go🙄 this cold🤷. Oh this thanks giving is diffrent to each place, 🤔a new Info.. Looks like someone is busy eating munch munch munch, wait is that French fries 😉 You must be asleep now. Have a good night Steve 🤗✨✍️

        Liked by 1 person

      • More rain? Try to stay dry Simon. Yep, Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of Nov for the US, second Monday of Oct for Canada, except Quebec which celebrates “action de grace”, basically the same thing. French fries make a nice light snack in the afternoon or before bed, munch, munch. No, not eating them now, that’s my cereal.😂😹🙄
        I hope you get to relax today, or did you say you always worked Saturday?😳🤔
        Have a great day anyway Simon!😀😺⛄🌲


      • 😒it’s always a working Saturday Steve, yes going to bed early, but my stomach just kicked me inside kitchen to cook some food, it’s really hungry.😂 Rain started and it’s been happening since morning and expected to two more days. Only my car keeps me dry. Luckily🥰 Time to cook😉👍

        Liked by 2 people

      • I hope you do get some days off. Yep, those stomachs, always wanting food, mine is like that too. “I’m hungry”, I fed you yesterday.🤨 “I’m hungry”, You’re always hungry, stop complaining.😒 “I’m hungry”, so I have to get up and feed it or I get no peace!😂😂😹😹🙄Just terrible. Enjoy your meal and evening!😄😸⛄🌲


      • 😂😂Steve, Sundays are always off, and i often take sick leave every year😂😜 My company is used to my leaves😂😂 I collect pending dues from customer with a team of 200 people 365 days a year. Where is my off🧐 .. have to dig a little more😜 Yes i had those cereals😒munch, munch. 😼 This stomach story is a never ending story. Enjoy your saturday Steve✨🤗 Hope your leg pain is ok now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It will likely be another couple months before that muscle is healed and I can walk normally again, already been 2 months. Sigh. Right now I can’t do anything, except sit and lie down,😕 very very little walking,😬 no lifting,😲 no moving things,😳 no snow shoveling or sweeping,😲😳 no, no, no.😥😥😥 Sigh. Seems I was doing too much before. Naturally. This is going to be a long winter.😳😳😳🙄

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s actually ok for a long rest for a best cure Steve. Yes it’s going to be a long winter, hope muffin will take care of that ✨😼 Take care Steve✨☺️

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    • Interesting, one of my followers mentioned it too. Need to find out what it is. Wish I still had my tree book. Thanks for taking a look!😁😸⛄🌲


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