Daily Pics #21.

Good morning all!  Wow, this marks 3 weeks since I started with these daily pics, time flies.  And it’s Monday!  I always like to call it Marvelous Monday, after all, why not?  It’s amazing how a name or word can change our perception of something.  If we say it’s going to be a terrible day, it usually is.  Not that the day changes, we do.  We just need to have a better attitude about our day.  Will that take away all the problems?  No.  But we will be able to handle those problems better.  More sunshine in the forecast for us today. Fantastic.  And today I will have a “blue” Monday of flowers for us to enjoy…IMG_3404

Beautiful little blue forget-me-nots to start off our “blue” Monday.IMG_4651

And a beautiful blue bachelor’s button.  I wonder who gets to name these flowers?  Both of these flowers are true pleasures and treasures.

Enjoy your Marvelous Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “Daily Pics #21.

  1. That beautiful little blue forget me nots reminds me a lot of my childhood…I was lucky enough that my grandparents were living in a mountain city and we were almost every day into the forests and these cute little flowers were always near the streams of water…😊😊
    Have a Marvelous Monday Steve and Muffin 😉😻

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    • Hi Ribana! Hey, I’m glad they brought back some nice memories of your childhood. They are very beautiful little flowers and my favorite color too. Thanks Ribana!😁😸⛄🌲🎄

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  2. Hi Steve, Im time traveled again😒 been very busy this week🙄 Christmas shopping and lot more, my weekends are task filled 😐 December is going to be so so BUSY. It’s Christmas time ☺️😉 Time to have all fun and be busy😁 Lovely pictures, love the forget me nots😂 👌 and bachelor button 😂😂 for real? who names all these like that 😂😜☺️ Have a wonderful day Steve 🤗

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