Nature’s Art #4.

Hi once again to all of you!  And thank you so much for your support for this new series here at Steve’s Country.  I’m thinking that I might try it 3 times a week, adding Wednesday to the series.  Will have to check and make sure I have enough pics to take us through the winter.  Winter is actually feeling a bit shorter this year, since our first month really wasn’t bad at all.  And with only about 2 inches (5 cm) of snow on the ground, it just doesn’t really look much like winter.  However, there is a lot of ice around, a good reminder that, yes, it is still winter.  But, let’s take a look at today’s selection of “art” for us to enjoy…IMG_8038

I just love this little “critter”.  A moss covered stump with beak.  It always reminds me of some stuffed “critters” that I used to make and called them “Fuzzies”.IMG_8407

This is an interesting plant.  In summer the leaves are green, but in autumn the leaves of different plants change different colors.  I only found a half dozen plants with leaves this color.  Some were pink, some bright red, some dark maroon, some with spots.  A very interesting plant.

Well, there’s today’s “art” in nature.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Nature’s Art #4.

  1. I bet the maroon colour would be gorgeous along with the yellow hue of the plant shown ! The moss covered stump is very unique !

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  2. Hi Steve! are you sure there is no one inside that critter 🙄 looks scary though 🤔😉😜 and the nature has its own paint brush to paint the leaves over night 😉 and they do it with styles ✨😜👌 I’ll change my colors too, you know😲, During winter I’m all red faced 🤒with big red nose, and during summer I’ll be tanned 🌚and monsoon you can see me in natural colour🙃 ✨😀😜 Have a wonderful day 🤗😉✍️

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    • That critter is one of my favorites, I call him my little alien👽it’s only 35 cm tall. I like your changing colors, I’m the same, though in winter I’m sometimes red and blue, and if I fall, black and blue!🤪😲🙄😂

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      • Yep, he’s a friendly little alien too, very quiet though.😂👽Yep, changing colors with the seasons. Right now, red for Christmas!😂😹🙄🎄

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      • Indeed your pet is silent, what a coincidence 😉 Steve, im red too 😜 Nose is better red than my face 😂😂 Happy Christmas season🤗✍️

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      • Yep, he’s a silent one, but a good listener. Kind of in an awkward spot though, easy to fall over the edge and into the river.😳😳 Not good. But he won’t move.🤨 Christmas is here already??? AAAAA, I’m not ready yet!😲😲🎄🎄

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      • 😉Good alien friend 😂👍 Youll be ready Steve✨ Christmas is coming… Just take enough rest and be ready✨😉👍 We are here for you🥰🤗

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      • Thanks Simon, if I rest any more I’ll be sleeping day and night. Hmm, not a bad thought actually.🤔😴😴 Thanks again, good night for now!😀😺

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