Daily Pics #26.

Good morning everyone on this mild December day!  This is an up and down winter.  So cold yesterday morning, milder this morning and going to continue a nice mild day.  Then tomorrow the temperature will drop quite a bit starting in the afternoon.  And stay that way for the near future.  However, today is nice, though cloudy with some light snow.  A good time for more bright flower pictures.  Actually, any time is good for bright flower pictures.  So, here we go…IMG_6134

And we will start off with a nice bright orange tiger lily.  I used to grow these in my garden, in 4 different colors, orange, red, white and yellow.  The white ones didn’t survive our winter however.IMG_5235

And here is another hollyhock in a different shade of pink.  I think each year I like these flowers more than before.

And there we have another bright part for our day to enjoy.  Really, there is always something to enjoy.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Daily Pics #26.

  1. Ahhh pretty in pink. Good morning to you Steve and Muffin! Up and down weather for sure. We got hard rain last night, but still waiting for the storm….maybe today. Have a great day! I like the new icon.

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    • Good morning Nina! Thanks for checking the pics. Nice morning but we are supposed to get up to 3/4 inch of freezing rain and ice pellets later this afternoon. That will make things super slippery!😳😳 Then tomorrow that cold weather arrives. I will certainly have to be careful going outside.😲😬
      Thanks Nina, hope you have a nice relaxing day.😃😺☕ Do you have your place decorated for Christmas yet?🎄🎄


      • Uhhg. Ice pellets. Yuck! Yes, be careful indeed.
        No decorations yet. But the tomato plants are finally in the compost! Ha! We like to bring in fir branches to make things smell nice inside. How about you?

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      • There is a bit of freezing drizzle has started, not looking forward to this. Tomato plants lasting so long, ours are done by the end of August, sometimes they will last into September but not long.
        I don’t put up much decorations anymore, a few things though. Just finished my DIY wreath so it’s up, a few small decorations here and there. But it’s just Muffin and I so I don’t do much. Yes, fresh fir branches would be so nice. I was hoping to get some this year. Sigh.
        My mom always started putting out decorations once the snow came and no matter what, everything but the tree was out by mid Nov. The tree went up Dec 1. Everything came down Jan 2. Good times, great memories.
        Enjoy your weekend!😁😸


      • My mother got crazy with her church group when I was young—so Christmas was pagan and all the decorations bad—blah blah blah….it all got pretty weird.

        But my dad still tried. Ukrainian Christmas is celebrated January 7. He would scout the neighborhood for the best looking discarded tree and take it home for us kids despite my mother. Ha! Sometimes the tree still had tinsel!! Sometimes he would leave the tree outside and we would decorate it with bird seed ornaments which was always a favorite.

        I usually do a little something—light the candles and make an arrangement; remember what our ancestors went through to survive the long cold dark time—without going crazy!

        Honor the “light” that returns. Of course Yuletide has “pagan” roots. pagan from the Latin paganas meaning country dweller. That’s how old these traditions are—I always thought it was super cool!

        And of course Jesus is the light that is born into the world. I loved the Christmas concert we performed in high school choir/band. Such beautiful music! Hallelujah!

        So now, I just try and decorate the inside of my heart and quietly let the spirit of Christmas in. You know, just try and be kind to others and give joy where I can.

        I do think Christmas decorations are useful for winter depression.

        And yes, I say all this with a tinge of sadness because I do miss those early days when we would make dough ornaments with my mom and decorate the tree with popcorn. I do miss the days when I was little enough to lay under the tree and look up at the lights. There was mystery in the holidays—and that made it special.

        Thanks for the happy memories, Steve. It’s always appreciated. :))

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      • There was a time when a lot of churches thought that Christmas was totally pagan. But then people started to study things out better and found out differently.
        I remember when we lived in the country we would also have an outdoor tree for the birds, plus our indoor tree. The birds always loved their “ornaments”. It was great.
        I like Christmas music, it’s joyful and peaceful at the same time. Always nice to listen to it.
        Christmas decorations are great to brighten up a very dark time of the year. We used to keep our outdoor Christmas lights on all winter just because it was so nice and cheery. The very short days and very long nights can really affect people.
        I like to use candles a lot too, all winter actually, adds such a nice cheerful glow to a room. I also have some antique kerosene lamps that I like to use as well, a soft glow that is so peaceful and nice.
        Did you notice my DIY Christmas wreath?
        I should dig out my Christmas lights, except in my present condition I can’t put them up. Sigh. Might have to forget it this year.
        Thanks for stopping by Nina, sorry for the slow response, been one of those days.😂😹🙄


      • I love the DIY wreath, Steve! Very cheerful indeed. It’s so true—the shorter daylight affects us—SAD—seasonal affective disorder. Load on holiday stress and all the family drama—doesn’t have to be that way….Mr. Cat is desperately trying to get my attention right now…I’ll be back in a bit.😻

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      • Thank you so much Nina!😀 I was quite surprised I got so many good comments on that wreath. Muffin meows “hi” to Mr. Cat!😸😻


      • Mr. Cat is in charge around here. But we only have our animals for such a short time—better pay attention while I can…better pay attention to my humans too.

        I think it’s great you made a wreath. Inspiring! Finding joy in simple pleasures and the feeling of satisfaction making something. Yep. Super cool! Keep it up!

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      • I like making things, great stress reliever. And I like sort of a country kind of look, so things don’t need to be perfect, that’s good for me! But usually I like woodworking projects, which right now are off the list, so this was something I could still do, very simple, no tools required really, helped give me something different to do.
        Muffin is contentedly sleeping with me at the moment, so nice. Enjoy your afternoon!😁😸🎄


      • Inside projects are good for the health, right? Cabin fever is real. Gotta keep up the creativity!
        I like your philosophy on country kind of look. Not perfect, not like it came from the factory—but made with the best intentions.
        Enjoy your cat nap and your day. I’m going to start on a new project today which I’m super excited about—cause I’m going to read and record another blogger’s poem. What an honor! Rachel is a wonderfully talented writer and this a beautiful romantic poem she’s asked me to read. And I’ve got some more photos to go through….and…and…😊


  2. Hi Steve! I love the tiger Lily for its unique way of standing out in its shape and pattern ✨😀 beautiful… and here is our holy hock again ✨😄. Have a good day Steve!

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    • Yep, I love those hollyhocks! More pics of them will be coming too.😂😹Yes, those tiger lilies are cool. Wish I had pictures of the other colors back when I had a flower garden of my own. The red ones were amazing. Thanks for coming by again Simon! Enjoy your evening!😀😸⛄⛄

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