Daily Pics 2020…#13.

Beautiful blue forget-me-nots

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone!  It’s another beautiful day, isn’t it?  It’s a milder day here which is nice and they have even changed the forecast for the whole week.  It’s not going to be as cold as the original forecast, so that’s great.  I’m not sure if Muffin quite agrees with me though.  Her idea of a beautiful day is having her window open.  That’s not going to happen any time soon however.  Muffin kept hearing things last evening.  And looking, staring kind of looking.  That unnerving kind of staring.  Now why wasn’t I hearing what she was hearing?  Oh well.  So I decide to head off to bed.  Muffin decides it’s time to get up and play.  Our schedules are a bit different these days.  Sigh.

But time for some bright and cheerful pics for our Monday…


And we will start with this bright white wood anemone, a common late spring wildflower.  It generally likes wooded areas that are nice and shady most of the time.IMG_5914

Okay, this isn’t a wildflower.  But this pollen covered bee in a bright red hollyhock flower just needed to be shared.

I hope everyone has, is having, or had, a wonderful Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#13.

  1. We had bad weather here Friday, with lots of rain. It has turned a little cold again…🙄 it’s back and forth here. Longing for summer days!

    Actually, Muffin is a “guard cat” at night, while you are attempting to sleep, only disguised as “playful kitty,” when you are looking! 😹 Don’t mess with the persona!!!! Hee Hee😜😹🤣

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