Daily Pics 2020…#44.

Early morning summer sunrise.

Good morning on this very cold Thursday!  It was certainly cold yesterday, I was outside for a while and that wind just blasted against my face so that I thought for sure I would get frostbite.  That was just way too cold.  But it’s the same today although I don’t think the wind is quite as bad.  Unless it’s just from a different direction so I don’t notice it as much back here.  Those poor birds, they are so fluffed out trying to stay as warm as they can.  The little nuthatches working hard at that very solidly frozen suet and they have to take a break now and then, so they come over to the wood railing and sit down on their feet to warm them up.  Then they are back at that suet again.  That stuff must be frozen hard as ice.  Standing outside I can hear them pounding away just to get a little piece.

And now for some summer pics to get a warm feel…


Some nice mini orchids certainly help to think of warmer climates and warmer days ahead, even if far ahead.IMG_5608

And here is a nice blue damselfly, which is a relative of the dragonflies.  But these little critters fold their wings back over their bodies while dragonflies keep theirs straight out.

And there we have some nice warm summer pics to warm up our day, or to just enjoy if your day is already warm.  I do hope you have an enjoyable day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

38 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#44.

    • Thanks Ribana! Yes, definitely need a reminder, -39 here again this morning!
      I decided to try my hand at growing orchids so bought a couple and so far it’s going good. They are such a beautiful flower.
      Thanks Ribana! Hope you’re having a nice day as well!😀😺⛄🥶🙀☕☕

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  1. The damsefly is very UNIQUE!!!!! NICE Steve!!! Have a SUNNY day muffin and steve!

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  2. Steve, you and Muffin are blessed to be safe and warm inside. My thoughts are with the little birds and their tenacity to make it to spring. If they can make it, we will, too.

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    • Yes indeed! One of the reasons that chickadees and nuthatches are among my favorite birds. They are so tiny yet survive our coldest weather. Although in the wild many would die without enough food, but most still survive and those at feeders survive okay. They have amazing abilities built into them so that they are able to survive nicely. Thanks for reading, hope your day is warmer than ours! -38 here.

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      • Wow, I have never experienced a winter like that in my life! We are supposed to warm up a bit by the weekend maybe reaching 20F, then dropping again next week, but not quite so cold as now.

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  3. Thank you for the pictures of summer, it’s cold here too! I wish spring would come soon!! And very nice pictures too. The damselfly looks so vibrant 😃

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  4. Stay warm and safe. The pics of the palm fly, the tiny ones so beautiful, we used to see those a lot back in Guyana when I was a kid. If course we would lean over the water to try and catch them with all their pretty colors but were usually unsuccessful.
    Looking back that was a good thing as they die so easily.

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  5. 😂😂😂that was damselfly 😂😂 i looked at like why someone left the shaving kit hanging in a plant😜😜 Beautiful mini orchid and have a beautiful day ✨☺️

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      • What did you say? Hurt yourself again 😵 What did you do this time? Come on Steve! You should be more careful… We want you to jump around in hot summer 🤔☺️ So how bad it is? Hope it is not much, are you in pain? Take care Steve 😸 Poor Muffin need someone to pamper her…

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      • It’s not too bad, but hurt that same muscle again, shoveling snow.😬 I’m not supposed to shovel snow, but it had to be done and no one was around that could help.🤪🙄 It is getting better though, keeping up with my exercises.😜🤸‍♂️ I’m sure it will be fine soon. I do need to be more careful though.😳 Sigh.🙄😀😺

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      • You never listen to yourself 😳 You should probably inform the landlord to make someone arrange for snow shovel. You often do it and end up in trouble. Take care Steve ✨ have good 🌃 night ☺️🤗

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      • That gave me a good laugh Simon. Arrange with the landlord!😂😂🤣🤣Landlord’s don’t do such things here. Nice thought though. I got someone in to shovel today for me though. I’m learning!😀😀😃😃🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🥳🥳

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