Daily Pics #306.

Good morning everyone! It’s definitely chilly here this morning with a temp of just 10F (-12C). Quite frosty if fact so it was a bit slippery on the deck, but I was prepared for it this time so no slipping and sliding around. It is a very quiet morning here today, very few birds have shown up which is rather odd considering the temp. My regular 10 blue jays were here, but have disappeared now. The other 4 that have been joining them didn’t come today. There is also 5 chickadees and one junco. That is quiet indeed. Where did all the birds go? Usually as the weather gets colder I get more birds coming to the feeders, not less. I hope it’s not a trend anyway, maybe just a one day oddity. I saw Jasper running around in the trees so I decided to call him over. He stopped, then came running right over, grabbed a peanut and went. A couple minutes later he showed up for another peanut and went. But he didn’t come back.

Did someone put a scarecrow on my deck? Oh well. Yesterday was fairly busy. The evening grosbeaks stayed around most of the day which was sure nice. The woodpeckers were here off and on, as were the blue jays. There were 10 chickadees all day and a nuthatch. And Jasper was here several times. And 3 pine grosbeaks stopped in briefly late afternoon, but they didn’t stay long. I was happy they came though. Perhaps the birds are just getting a later start today. Well look at that, as I type some evening grosbeaks have arrived and are now busy enjoying their breakfast. So guess it was just a late start for today. The feeder is quite full and there are still more in the trees yet. Hmm, looks like it’s nearly time to put more seeds out, the arguing has begun once again.

Well, our featured image today is the orange hawkweed, a very bright and cheerful wildflower that will grow nearly everywhere. And then in the pic above we have a nice smaller rose, they are only about 2 inches (5cm) across and the bush will produce dozens of these flowers. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

25 Comments on “Daily Pics #306.

    • The summer birds eat different seeds fortunately so I stop feeding them early to help send them on their way. The others I definitely try to keep here for the winter to brighten up the long winters.


    • We have some other products to use that are safer for the environment than salt but they don’t work as good in the colder weather. Usually I just put sand on the ice which gives good grip.


  1. The flowers were a delight ! What is the name of the rose ? Wonder whether it would grow well in our area…☕️☕️😻🤔😀🌹

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  2. I’m going to choke 🕺 oops wrong smiley, that’s called dancing right? definitely no that, I’m choking reading the temperature 🥶 why it is so Cold 🤯. I highly doubt about scare crow part, did you check with Jasper 🤔 he must have done something strange 😅😅 and orange hawkweed, hey that ends with weed 😳 I don’t remember seeing this flower before 🤔 or maybe I did, poor memory, perks of getting old or something hit my head.. higher probability on the second point 😜 Beautiful Flowers ..😍😍 Have a lovely Weekend ✨🤗🤗

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    • It will be warmer tomorrow,😁 back to cold on Sunday.🥶 This up and down temp is hard on me,😬 better for it to stay cold so my body can adjust to it.🤔 It’s winter, time for the cold weather. Lots more coming, and coming, and coming.🥶🥶🥶 Sigh.🙄
      That hawkweed is really a beautiful flower, especially seeing a whole field of it, or all along the side of the road, fantastic.😀
      You should stop hitting your head, that can hurt. I think. Have a great day Simon!😁🌞😸


      • That’s good, warm days ahead 😅 and cold again 😅 I understand, these up and down climate can bring lot of health issues , hawkweed is beautiful, and other flowers too 😍 yes, seeing a farm full of hawkweed 😍 it will be super beautiful (Vera Level) 😋 yes I should stop that, Helmut might work 🤔I think. 😜

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      • We have our warm day, now cold again tomorrow, might get another warm day on Wednesday, otherwise cold days. Sigh. Guess you’re sleeping now, I’m slow today, lots to do today it seems.😁🌙😴😴

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      • I am not sleeping now, but yes, by the time you were posting this comment, I was sleeping. But I was awake a bit, you should’ve poked me. I wake up for the slightest noises, to save me from the radiation, someone took my phone away, so when you texted me, officially I was far away from YOU 😉 😀 😛

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      • What?😲 You don’t have your phone?😬 How do you keep in touch?🤔 Who took your phone?😒 That’s terrible!!🙀 I know, you’re just having fun,😛😂 trying to mess me up!🤪 Have a great evening Simon!😃😺🌙

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      • 😁😜 I came to my nativec place to meet Nisha 😋 so I am not available much in phone 😊yes having fun indeed 😅Hope you had a lovely Sunday ✨😍💐

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      • AHA! So you’re the one that took your phone!😒 Sneaky, who would expect that?🤔 Hi Nisha! 🙋‍♂️You have to do something with this guy. When you’re not around he doesn’t eat properly🍟🍿🍔🍕 and walks around banging his head on the wall,🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ it’s terrible! hehehe!😂 Have a great evening!😀😺🌙

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      • ha ha ha 😂😜😂 I didn’t took my phone, she took my phone away 🧐 Yep, Nisha hav to do something, and she already does🙄 she stopped my snacks 😳🙄 and what else choice do i have? bang my head again 😭 I’m hungry 🤯. Terrible diet again 😳🙄 ha ha 😁😁 Hope you had a great day ✨💐

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      • That’s great! Good for Nisha! Maybe you can sneak in some chocolate though.😁🍫 It was a great day for sure!🌞 Now I’m getting tired again.🥱 Every day about this time I get tired, so strange.😒 Oh well, good night Simon!😀😺🌙😴 Have a great day!😁🌞

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      • Are you saying? stopping me from eating is good 😁😳 I’m losing weight 🤨 my pants are getting loose🙄 You are not helping 😭. I want to eat, just some good foods 😁 😾 nobody is helping 😳. Good Night Steve, while I search for good foods to eat 🧐

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