Thursday’s Thoughts #17.

Good morning everyone! How are you all on this fine Thursday? It’s cool here today, only 48F (9C) this morning, but with blue sky every direction I looked and that early morning sunshine touching all the trees, just beautiful. An hour later the clouds had moved in blocking that beautiful sunshine and making it feel even cooler than it was earlier. However, the sun still shines a bit now and then, though the clouds are supposed to take over soon. It has cooled off considerably inside too, time to bring out some sweaters. Muffin even slept with me last night, first time since early June. She figures it’s too hot in the summer so she sleeps by her open window where it’s sort of cooler.

Baxter helping himself to a peanut.

But from fall to spring she likes to sleep with me. I like it too, she adds a bit of heat. Time for a warm blanket on my bed as well. One of my gulls, Sir Charles, showed up this morning. So I gave him some food, but he didn’t take much, so the crows finished it off. The chickadees are busy this morning, as are the white-throated sparrows. And there are several blue jays out here again too. It’s so nice having those blue jays around, such beautiful color, and Baxter is just as friendly as ever now. Even Betty is getting more friendly, and Big Blue is back again, just as bossy. There’s at least 2 others, but I’m not sure who they are, possibly young from this year.

I just put out more food for the chipmunks and blue jays, it certainly felt colder out there without the sun shining. Those chipmunks are busy this morning. Skamper and Pocket have been having some serious “discussions” lately. Pocket is currently the top chipmunk and Skamper wants his spot back. They roll around together fighting and squeaking, I have never seen chipmunks fight so fiercely with each other. Pocket is quite a bit bigger than Skamper, so he wins the discussions. But Skamper doesn’t give up and often it’s a tie and they end up gathering sunflower seeds together, though watching each other closely.

Scooter picking up some sunflower seeds.

At least they haven’t really hurt each other yet. Another chipmunk, one of the new adults that showed up this summer, also likes to challenge Pocket at times, but he gives up quicker than Skamper. It won’t be long and all of my chipmunks will be gone again until spring. It’s always kind of sad when they disappear. The clouds have taken over completely now, I was hoping to walk to the river today, and it’s much more cheerful down there when the sun shines. Oh well. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

ยฉ2021 Steve McLeod

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