A Mouse In The House!

Hi everybody!  I’m back with a new adventure!  I have discovered something, it can be hard to train your owner.  But I think I will leave that thought for another day.  However, the other evening was an exciting one around here.  But first, I need to say, when we moved to this apartment it was quite exciting, there were mice!  For me that’s nice!  But for some reason my owner did not agree.  Very odd.  But people do seem to be that way when it comes to mice.  Anyway, my owner looked all over the bedroom (that’s where the mice were coming in) and finally found all the holes and plugged them up tight.  That was so sad.  I enjoyed all the mice to chase around the apartment.  Gave me something to do at night.  So it was a bit dull for a while.  Until a mouse finally opened one of those holes again and came inside!  I caught that little critter real quick!  And my owner seemed to be real impressed with that.  But then he went and closed up that hole once again.  So odd.  I mean, I would be willing to share with my owner, after all, he shares with me, even when he isn’t looking.  Oh well.  But then a couple days ago I heard another mouse running around in the walls.  And under the bathtub!  My owner didn’t seem too pleased with that, but I sure was.  My owner left the bathroom but I stayed behind to watch.  Didn’t have to wait long and I caught that little mouse.  I was so happy. I hear that some people don’t like that idea, don’t know why, that’s what I’m supposed to do, keep these critters away from my owner.  Oh well.  My owner seemed real happy that I caught the mouse, but then he did something very strange, he tossed the mouse outside for the crows!  I couldn’t believe it, my mouse!  Sigh.  But I did get some extra treats for doing such a good job.  All for now, don’t forget to come back for more, next time I will talk about training my owner.  It’s hard!


18 Comments on “A Mouse In The House!

  1. That Muffin cracks me up! My own cat, Grace, will nip my feet if I don’t watch. I know she is doing it out of affection, but ouch! And I don’t like the presents she will occasionally leave on my front doormat. I’m not the fan of mice, as you know! God love her!
    I’m not sure if the following link will work, but I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🤗

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  2. Hi! Muffin.
    My Sweetie used to catch mice but not for herself. She gave away to my another cat her best friend Bhula.
    How lovely is that, but before handed over to Bhula she played well. I can’t tell you what would be the condition of that living, kicking object. But she loved to play like that.
    I hope you are enjoying wonderful day with sir Steve.

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    • Meow, meow, meow!😻😻Muffin says hi to you and Sweetie. Muffin always kills the mice quickly, probably because she had to rely on them for food at one time. Muffin just finished her wild play time and has settled down for her morning nap. Meow, meow.😸She hopes you and Sweetie have a great day too!😺

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      • Enjoy siesta. 😻😻
        Sweetie is sitting at the top of the cupboard and looking to go inside the cabinet, as you know for what 😹😹
        My other cats gave birth to their cute kitten, their eyes have been open, and Sweetie is still looking for safe place.
        God knows when we hear the meowing of little kiddos. 😹😹😻😻
        Lots of love for Muffin. 😻😻😻


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