Bar-tailed Godwit.

Around mid summer these birds congregate along the Alaskan coastal areas. Once arriving they eat, and eat, and eat, until they build up thick layers of fat under their skin, about 55% of their weight added on.  However, now they are too heavy to migrate any long distance, which creates a problem since they need to fly non stop to New Zealand. But the Lord knew all about that little problem.  You see, this is not ordinary type fat which contains a lot of water.  This fat is very concentrated with very little water, which makes it lighter.  And the fat is put into special little cavities between tissues and organs so it doesn’t affect the strength of the muscles.


They are still too heavy for their long migration.  But the Lord knew all about that as well.  Suddenly, at just the right time the birds stop eating and something amazing takes place.  Their intestines, kidneys and liver shrivel up to just a fraction of their normal size, and now, they are light enough to make that long migration.  Everything happens at just the right time or these birds just would not survive.  This is just not something that can happen by slow, gradual changes or thousands or millions of years.  How could it? 


Now these birds take off for their flight to New Zealand.  However, there is another problem.  It’s a long flight, and the birds can’t last that long without drinking and they are not equipped to drink ocean water.  But the Lord knew all about that little problem too.  As this fat burns, it gets mixed with oxygen which produces enough water for the birds to survive their migration.  And once these birds land at their destination in New Zealand, their internal organs once again return to their normal size and the birds continue on normally.


Just think about all this.  If even one detail wasn’t there right from the beginning, these birds wouldn’t make their flight, they would end up perishing.  How could any of this just happen by chance?  How could they survive while all these changes were supposedly happening?  Just think about it.  But our God is able!  He alone is able to make things work perfectly from the start.  God had it in their genetic makeup.  God knows what He is doing.


If God can do that for these birds, surely He can take care of us and provide for our every need!  So why do we worry so much?  It’s true, He wants us to do what we can, and then trust Him for what we can’t do.  God bless!

“Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:29,31 KJV

Steve.  (featured image is not mine)

10 Comments on “Bar-tailed Godwit.

  1. Wow Steve. I am blessed. God knows how much!

    Why do they have to fly to New Zealand? Is it a must for them do so? And what will happen if they don’t?

    What happens (as in some sign) before they take off? Like what must first happen?

    From now on I will not worry or care much with ruminations about questions I can’t answer of tomorrow!

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    • Well. If they didn’t migrate to New Zealand they would die. Like many of our birds this far north, and farther, the winters are too cold, not enough food for them, so they must head south to various locations. For these birds it’s New Zealand. Migration is still not well understood, sometimes it’s the amount of daylight, cool weather, lack of food that tells them it’s time to go. With these birds getting to the right weight likely sets things in motion, along with food supplies getting low. Hope that helps.


      • Thanks for explanation. I think I heard the same thing about swans— which even have a leader that they follow. Truly nature is amazing. I just see God’s able hand.

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      • Please do Steve, I will be reading bit by bit. These are treasures. I like learning as well.

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      • Yes, I enjoy learning more about God’s creation, it always shows me more of His greatness and how much He cares about us. Thanks for reading! God bless!

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