This poem was actually written some years ago and is based on the true lives of two missionaries.  They were captured by guerillas and held for some years before being shot and killed.  The last verse was written after they had been killed.

Captured! O Lord, why should it be,

That I be thus carried away?

Can you not, O my Lord, now see,

What has happened to me today?

Captured! In a moment it came,

Yet I trusted, Lord, that You would

Keep me safe. Lord, I do not blame,

Though this is not yet understood.

Captured! Now as each day goes by,

Days become months, months become years.

Lord, I no longer ask You why,

For You have come and calmed my fears.

Captured! Though engulfed by the flood,

And carried alone far away,

Still I am covered by Christ’s blood,

And safely dwell with Him today.

Captured! Perhaps this is now true,

But yet, in Christ, I stand now free,

Right here there is a work to do,

And Christ, each moment, watches o’er me.

Captured…but life is not our own,

And suddenly the toil is o’er.

Delivered now to wear a crown,

With Christ to dwell for evermore!

© 2019 Steve McLeod

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