Muffin’s Mewsings.

On this page you will find links to the pages with posts ‘written’ by Muffin, as told to me in her very own meowing.  I’m not sure how often Muffin will ‘write’ a new post but I will be sure and let you know about it.  Please feel free to check things out, and enjoy a new read!  Leave a comment if you like, she just might respond.

Thanks so much for your kind attention to this new endeavor, just click on the links below for more fun with Muffin and me!

Muffin’s Beginnings.

Making Your Owner Happy.

A Mouse In The House!

Owners Can Be Hard To Train.

Owners Can Be Hard To Train. Part 2.

Window Reflections.

My Owner…Hard To Believe.

We Like To Share.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

95 Comments on “Muffin’s Mewsings.

      • Hi Steve, I am wondering how do you transport muffin? Do you have one those special carriers that you strap into the car? I am amazed at how Ingenious they are at making things to transport the beloved members of the family. I’m not sure why things like that cross my mind but I guess I am just the curious type. Stay Warm, I here it should start to moderate soon.

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      • I did have one of those kitty carriers. Muffin didn’t like it, and since I do not have suicidal tendencies I got rid of it. She does not like any kind of a box. I found out the hard way, lost a lot of blood. And I’m not joking. She now has a very large kitty carrier of my own design. And it still is not easy. Sigh.


      • Well Steve, I made it to the town. Still not sure where to find my friends house. I saw a gas station by the stoplights with a motel nearby. Maybe I’ll get some gas and look around.


      • Perhaps they have one of those budget places. Checked for that but am checking again


      • Hey Steve, Hows the cold there in the far Great White North? Hehehehehe, OOps! Right anyway I sure hope that Muffin doesn’t get any of those pesky Fish Hooks stuck in her mouth.. Oh wait you don’t fish that’s the other guy! Dang, did it again! Anyway, I was wondering how you came to chose the Name of Muffin for your cat? Hmmm, let’s see… I got it! Anatomy!! Am I right?? C’mon!! You can tell us.. Hey how are those poor little birds doing? Did they get there meal interupted by that nasty old Shrake again?? Must be tough keeping the kids quiet all the time. OOOps Did it again I meant BIRDS! Any whooo that’s all for now.. I’m sure I have more I can say if I feel the need to.. Know what I mean ??? wink, wink! Say you really should find and read Emma’s Books even though you don’t read much anymore… Do a lot of writing though I’ll bet!! C Ya!


      • Well Steve, I will be leaving to visit my friend and bring them in from the cold. I’m not exactly sure of the address but perhaps they will send it to me while I’m on the way over. If I don’t get back in time to say good night sleep well and don’t let the bed bugs bite! ( I know what that one means!! Learned it the hard way 😉

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      • Hi Steve. Doesn’t seem to be anybody home. I asked the person ask desk of the Motel if they knew where B lives but said he didn’t know.


      • I will when I can locate the residence. I might need to reread there letter to see if they put it in there.


      • She is cute and funny and cuddly! So different from when I first got her. She was quite a wild cat. But I figured she deserved the chance for a good life so I didn’t mind putting in the extra effort.😺😁

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      • Star wars inspired me, but i wrote it my way 🤗in star wars it was leia, i have changed i to y

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      • hehe🤗i go showering i guess, i did work out, got back home and just diving in to conversation, because i’m a huge talker could talk all day, but somehow the smell what comes from tells me stop and go, i will be back soon😂

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      • Sir George returned yesterday and now his mate Lady Pearl is back too! It was so nice to see them both on my bird feeder a few minutes ago. They are certainly big birds!😁

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      • I’m finally back. Rough afternoon, but the sun is still shining! I tried to get a picture of both of them but Lady Pearl is not as brave as Sir George and flew away when I went out. I did get a nice pic of Sir George filling himself with food! He shares with his mate, nice to watch them.


      • Tell Muffin, I will her an indian head massage! My Leo, my eldest loves it. When I am done, he shudders in happiness and Snosey, my second born, just flops down and waits for more!
        Steve, its just occurred to me! I have never given my husband one… he often says, that he’d have to be a cat to get soft words 🙂

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      • I told Muffin, but right now she is in one of her crazy moods which means a lot of running around, jumping, climbing! Guess you need to try your husband too!😄


  1. OMG Muffin and that tongue 🙂 so adorable. What is her color? She looks like brown and her hair is soo thick. 🙂 Nice meeting you Muffin.

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