He’s One Happy Skamper!

There’s nothing like coming home to all my ‘pets’.  Muffin on the inside.  Others on the outside.  Like Skamper.  He is one of my little chipmunk friends.  He is also the first chipmunk that came around and made friends with me.  Of course, the peanuts helped.  But I think he likes me too.  Not just the peanuts.  I think.  Hard to tell sometimes though. But when I first come back after being out somewhere for a while, who is the first to meet me?  Skamper.  And he doesn’t just come over casually to say ‘hi’.  He very literally comes running across the deck as soon as he hears me coming!  He then leaps, and I mean leap, from about 3 feet away and lands on my hand, holding on as tightly as he can.  He then looks up at me and I know what he is asking.  Yes, I can tell.  Animals talk. Usually with their eyes.  So I lift him up to my pocket and inside he crawls.  Why?  Because he knows I always keep peanuts in my pocket and he loves to go inside to get them.  Doesn’t bother him a bit.  Soon he comes out, with his 3 peanuts, then back onto my hand, then down to the deck.  From there he scampers happily back to his little home with his treasure.  Hence his name ‘Skamper’.  He really does look happy as he bounces away.  Would love to get a pic of all this, but it’s a little hard to do by myself.  Skamper is always the first chipmunk out in the spring as well.  As soon as the snow is mostly gone and it’s a warm sunny day, he shows up.  And, looking for a peanut.  Or three.  He does like sunflower seeds too.  But peanuts are tops.  It’s going to be a long winter.  Sigh.  Enjoy your chipmunk, I mean, day, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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