Lampsillis Mussel.

This is perhaps not a very exciting looking creature but it is very amazing!  These mussels actually use bait to attract fish.


Well, you see, they nearly close their shells and then squeeze out some soft tissue which they use to mimic minnows!  Really!  Each mussel variety uses a different minnow bait to attract their favorite species of fish.  This bait they use looks amazingly realistic, just like the real minnow that happens to be the favorite food of that particular fish, for example, a bass.  This minnow bait has a tail, what looks like eyes, and it’s even the right color and has the right movement for that particular minnow that it wants to mimic!  It will even have a mouth that will open and close, just like the real thing.

How amazing is that!

Now, as the fish moves in and opens it’s mouth to grab it’s supposed lunch, the mussel shoots it’s larva and eggs into the fishes mouth.  These will attach to the gills of the fish and then live on the blood of the fish until they are big enough, then they simply drop off to start life on their own.


How do they know that it’s the right fish?  If it’s the wrong fish this just won’t work.  And, the very split second the fish opens it’s mouth is when this mussel shoots it’s eggs.  Timing is critical, there is only one chance, or the eggs don’t have a chance to survive.  So there has to be the right bait, for the right fish, and the right reflex, at the right time, right from the start, or this mussel goes extinct.


The two go together.  The mussel and the fish.  The fish does not get hurt by this, but without the fish the mussel can’t survive.  And how does the mussel know when it can’t see the fish?  It can sense when that fish is just the right distance away.  It’s the right fish because the mussel is using the right bait.  But how does it know what the right bait is?  Because we have an awesome Creator who made this amazing relationship work!

You know, that’s what God wants from us too.  That we should work together.  How much easier things would be for us if we followed this principle.  Something like this should cause us to give praise to our Creator and Saviour!  What an awesome God we have!

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.” Psalm 145:3 KJV

I hope you enjoy your day, God bless!


5 Comments on “Lampsillis Mussel.

  1. How large is the mussel ?…truly , the ways which our Living and True God has designed each creature is amazing !

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