Poor Skamper!

Good morning to all my faithful readers of this rather different blog and now another different page which will be, well, different.  With different things.  Which will be, well, different.  Maybe you will enjoy it.  Maybe not.  But it will be here anyway.  Poor Skamper, one of my chipmunk friends.  He was here the other day for his morning peanuts and he is a bit more nervous than the other chipmunks, possibly because he is the smallest of them all and usually gets chased by all the others, including the squirrels.  Doesn’t help his nerves I’m sure.  Anyway, he had just picked up a peanut when suddenly all the doves decided to take flight.  This is something they do, for no apparent reason, and it is quite noisy.  Poor little critter, he got scared and quite literally ran across the deck and flew off the edge, his little legs flapping in all directions and his peanut flew out of his mouth in a totally different direction.  I have to admit, I laughed uncontrollably.  It just looked so comical.  I’m sure Skamper would not agree with me.  That was a 5 foot fall.  And he lost his peanut.  But he was back after a few minutes to try again, obviously unhurt by the jump.  Poor critter.  Every time I see him go over the edge of the deck, which is his normal way to go, I laugh.  Good thing he doesn’t know that.  Oh well.  Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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