This poem is about true events and these are not small spiders but are up to 4 inches across.  Too big for me.  Sigh.

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

I see them climbing up the wall,

And while I sit on me they fall,

I really don’t like them at all!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

As they run they really zip,

They make me jump and even trip,

I even squashed one on my lip!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

I see them sitting on my chair,

I’ve caught them running through my hair,

And in my bed they really scare!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

They’re in my clothes and in my hat,

They are chased around by my cat,

But they will bite and make her scat!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

They always run across the floor,

But I can’t take it anymore,

I squash and toss them out the door!

But the next day…there’s even more.


© 2019 Stephen McLeod

14 Comments on “Spiders!

      • That is awful. I think I would have had a heart attack. That spider is huge. I wouldn’t be able to handle it even if it was a minuscule spider. Eewwww!!

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      • I don’t like spiders either, normal ones I can handle, but when they get bigger than an inch then they make me a bit nervous. Like one day sitting in my favorite chair and I just happened to look down and there was one of those big critters sitting right next to my bare foot. It made me jump out of the chair rather fast! I hope you will find some enjoyment on my site, I would be honored to have you follow! Thanks again for reading!

        Liked by 2 people

    • Small ones I don’t mind, it’s the big ones that are 4 inches across that I don’t like! I also don’t like an overabundance of spiders. Thanks for the comment! Enjoy your day!🕷😃

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