The Bucket Orchid.

When talking about God’s awesome creation we certainly can’t forget plants!  Plants are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes from tiny to huge.  Don’t forget, trees are plants and some of them are truly huge.  But we are not talking about a tree this time, but the bucket orchid.  There are many different orchid species around the world and even in this cold area of the world we still have some beautiful wild orchids.

This one…

Is really quite amazing.  First, certain bees are required to pollinate these flowers. The orchid attracts the bees with the wonderful scent of its nectar.  At least, it’s wonderful to the bees.  Now, the surface of the orchid is so slimy that when the bee lands, it slips right into a bucket of liquid.  This liquid drips down from a gland above the opening.  Now the poor bee is inside, how does it get out?  Well, the only way out is through a little tunnel and there is a nice, convenient step from the pool to this tunnel. 


As the bee is about to make its escape through the tunnel, the walls contract and grip the bee!  The plant then glues two pollen sacs to the back of the bee, then allows time for this glue to dry enough and then releases the bee!  When the bee goes to the next orchid, the same thing happens.


This time as the bee tries to leave through the tunnel, a hook in the roof of the tunnel removes the pollen sacs!  Now fertilization of the orchid is completed.  Now, it’s only the male bees that do this interestingly.  So why don’t they just give up and go to a different flower altogether?


The reason they don’t give up on this process is they need the liquid from the orchid in order to attract a mate.  Seems the scent from that liquid is a perfume the females just can’t resist!


What an absolutely awesome God we have!  This should cause us to totally rejoice in our amazing God who has done such wonderful things in His creation!

“Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty.”  Psalm 104:1 KJV

God bless,

Steve. (the featured image is a yellow lady’s slipper, a common orchid in this area, they are not the bucket orchid but do use a similar type trapping mechanism for bees)

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  1. These bees discovered Axe before humanity did. But I’m convinced they have the better scent. Personally, I don’t like the smell of Axe. I don’t care what guy advertises it.

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