The Water Ouzel.

This is an amazing little bird and is also known as the ‘little dipper’.  That is not it above!  It loves to dip, or dive, into rivers and streams.  The Water Ouzel doesn’t have webbed feet so it quite literally flies through the water using it’s wings as oars.  It can even walk on the bottom of the stream while it turns over rocks with it’s beak looking for it’s meal.  It uses it’s air sacs to rise to the surface with help from it’s wings and it compresses air from some of the sacs to submerge.


It’s eyes have a special lens curvature which allows it to see perfectly under water, just as good as being on land.  There are nasal flaps on it’s nostrils that close when it dives, after all, who wants water up their nose?


This little bird could have just as easily found food on land, so why go into the water? Well, it does show us the great creativity of our God and how wonderfully and amazingly He provides for the creatures He has created!  And it should also show us if God looks after His creation in such marvelous detail, how much more will He look after us!  We can trust Him for all things, big or small.  It should also cause us to praise Him for all the wonderful things that He has done for us!

“O Lord, how manifold are Thy works! In wisdom hast Thou made them all: the earth is full of Thy riches.”  Psalm 104:24 KJV

God bless,

Steve.  (the featured image is not a Water Ouzel, could not find a pic of one I could use, so instead I have used a chipping sparrow)


9 Comments on “The Water Ouzel.

  1. Wonderful peace on this Sunday morning. I am feeling blessed. He said look at the sparrows they toil and spin not yet the feedeth them!!!

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  2. It’s amazing Steve, I was talking to my mom today about the beauty of God’s creation, how it was perfectly engineered!. I wonder if you studied animals—something like that, on a major level?

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    • Mostly my own studies, but I worked with the National Audubon Society (US), the Canadian Wildlife Service and others on many wildlife studies here in Canada and throughout North America. But I never went to university. I was eventually recognized as an expert in bird study.

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      • WoW that’s great. I amazed at how much knowledge you exhibit for creation. It must surely be a passion!

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