Treasures of the Snow.


Have you ever considered the beauty of the snowflake?  Some of my readers may never have seen a real snowflake and even though winter is definitely not my favorite season of the year nonetheless there is incredible beauty in snowflakes.

But How?

Well, each snowflake starts as a tiny droplet of water around a speck of dust.  As it begins to freeze a crystal begins to form with 6 sides.  As more moisture is added to it 6 branches begin to grow.  As the snowflake is blown around in a cloud it encounters different temperatures and moisture resulting in no 2 snowflakes looking exactly alike.  They do have something in common though, all are either 6 sided or 6 pointed.  The more humidity present when they form, the more complex the design will be.

There’s More…

The average snowflake is made of 100 crystals.  Now the possible arrangements of these 100 crystals is more than the total number of atoms in the universe!  Just think about that, it’s absolutely incredible!  Therefore, it is unlikely that any 2 snowflakes since the time of the flood of Noah’s day, about 4,400 years ago, have looked exactly alike.  Wow!  What an awesome God we have!  Such incredible beauty in something so small, so insignificant, that people rarely even think about, except when they have to shovel it.


If God would give that much attention to the tiny snowflake, how much more does He give attention to us!  He watches over every detail of our lives putting His beauty within us, far greater than any snowflake.  Wow!  Now that’s something that should cause us to praise and thank our awesome Creator and Saviour!

I hope you will enjoy your day, God bless!


7 Comments on “Treasures of the Snow.

  1. I really like how deep is this article! Research is a part of my job/daily, before I make any decision, hours spent on research only..! I never knew that there are no snowflakes alike – this is phenomenon! God is amazing! Blessing Steve!

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