We Like To Share.

Hello everyone, I’m finally back!  I know it has been a long time, but I will try and do better from now on.  It’s been a long winter and I really have that ‘cabin fever’ thing that my owner keeps talking about.  It really is terrible!  Sometimes it just makes me want to bite a foot.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bandages, bandages!Okay, I’m back.  My owner needed to take a break.  There wasn’t even much blood.  Such strange behavior.  Like, there I am sleeping and my owner is wandering around making noise and having all kinds of fun.  Then I wake up all ready to play and what does he want to do.  Sit down in front of his computer.  I mean, really, he could have been doing that while I was trying to sleep instead of making all that noise so I couldn’t sleep hardly at all!However, I should be talking about how my owner and I share all the time.  Like, we share our bed every night.  Although he does try to come on my side all the time.  You would think he should be happy with his third of the bed.  After all, I need space to stretch out.  He never stretches, so why does he need so much space?  Sigh.  But he really likes to share his food with me and I find that sooooo nice!  Like the other day, he had his dinner all ready and on his plate.  He picked it up to bring it to the table and I was sitting on the floor waiting and then it happened.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly tripped!  And then he drops some of his food on the floor just for me.  Isn’t that nice of him?  One day he put his plate of food on the table and went back into the kitchen for something so I licked the margarine off his potatoes.  Ooooo! That was so good, and so nice of him to share like that.  He came back in and looked at his plate and said, I was sure I put margarine on those potatoes.  Of course he did.  But he put more on anyway. Another time he left his plate there with some delicious ham on it.  I helped myself to my share, but I only took a couple pieces, and he didn’t even notice.  But it tasted so good I decided to lick all of the ham, mmmm, and of course that helped remove any germs.  See how I help my owner?  I figure he needs all the help he can get.I forgot to mention that my owner came in while I was licking the ham and started doing his happy dance while pulling his hair.  I’m not sure why he pulls his hair like that.  Must be a human thing.  Then he just stared at his ham like there was something wrong.  Very odd behavior.  I mean, I just cleaned it, what was he looking for?  Oh well.Even with his odd behavior I still like him.  But it’s a good thing I’m here to look after him, just think of all the odd things he might do if I wasn’t?  Sigh.  My owner taught me to do that, not sure what ‘sigh’ means though.  But my owner does it a lot so it must be something fun.  I think.

I hope you all liked my thoughts for today!

Muffin. (as meowed to my owner)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “We Like To Share.

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  2. Lovely Muffin, 😻😻😻
    You are so kind.
    My Sweetie share bed and blanket with me,but she doesn’t like our food. She loves her plate, and she loves having curd.
    Lots of love for Muffin.
    Take care of Sir Steve. 😻😻😻😻

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