Window Reflections.

As I gaze longingly out the window on these very cold winter days it makes me wonder if all that nice warm summer sunshine and all that beautiful emerald green of the trees will ever come back.  It’s cold out there.  And in here sometimes.  That floor is cold.  But I have a nice warm, snuggly bed.  Okay, I have four beds.  My owner spoils me a bit.  Plus I also share my owners bed at night.  We lay there, covered in wool blankets, our heads on the soft pillow, and dream of someplace warm.  Sigh.  This is bad, I’m starting to think like my owner!  Sometimes I wonder about him.  Take the other day, he fried some eggs and tossed one onto his plate which slid onto the floor and across the floor with both of us chasing it. Now, I knew it left a slippery trail on the floor, so I avoided that, but my owner didn’t think of it, he said, and stepped on that slippery part and suddenly his arms and legs were going in all directions and then, bang!  He hit his head on the open cupboard door. (He has actually done that several times). Then he sat down.  On the floor of all things!  He just sat their, holding his head and moaning.  Very strange behavior.  Another day we are playing and suddenly he lays down on the floor, face down, then starts moving his arms and legs in odd ways that sort of looked like he was trying to swim.  And he was moaning again. Very strange indeed.  One day he ran outside in the cold without his jacket or boots (wearing his slippers). He said he wanted to chase away that big, huge, scary, black bird (he calls it a raven). But he was in such a hurry he slipped off the step outside the door and slid on the icy deck, slamming into the railing on the other side!  That did work, the raven flew away.  But my owner came back in, moaning and groaning, and he went and lay down for an hour!  Very strange behavior again.  I just can’t understand why he does such things.  It’s a good way to hurt himself.  Sometimes I really wonder about him.  And that’s only a short list.  I could go on and on and on and…well, you get the point.  Well, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a really great (and warm) day!  I sure hope we get some warm days again soon too.  Sigh.

Muffin, as meowed to my owner Steve.

©2019 Steve McLeod

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