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Birthday Time.

BIRTHDAY TIME My birthday in a far off land, Is something great and truly grand, Yet one year past, not even planned, That on this shore I now would stand. A day that’s warm, with sunshine too, Gentle breeze from the sea my cue,… Continue Reading “Birthday Time.”

Steve’s Vacation: Part 2.

Greetings everyone from the land of heat and sun and water and friends and heat!  Well, I never really thought at one time that I would be doing some posts from another country.  But here I am.  And where is here?  Where I am. … Continue Reading “Steve’s Vacation: Part 2.”

Random Act Of Kindness Award.

Hello to all of my faithful readers!  Well, it’s award time again and this one is definitely a bit different than others and it’s my first nomination for this award.  I was nominated for this award by MwsR over at and she has… Continue Reading “Random Act Of Kindness Award.”

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