About Us.

Greetings everyone and welcome to Steve’s Country!  I will admit this blog is a bit different than most but it is all meant to give my readers a ‘smile as wide as a country sunrise’, and maybe even a laugh or two!

muffin and me-crop
Here we have Muffin giving me a kiss.  No, it wasn’t staged, she actually likes doing this once in a while.

The ‘us’ referred to includes my cat Muffin!  She was an abused kitty that wound up at our local cat shelter and then adopted by me.  She was the first cat I saw when coming into the building and I didn’t look any further.  She had a very rough beginning to life but has turned into a very affectionate kitty, as you can see above.

The ‘us’ also includes the many visitors that come to my deck throughout the year.  There is always something going on out there!  From little chipmunks and squirrels to wolves, deer and black bears, and many others in between. 

male pine new crop
Birds, such as this male pine grosbeak, are also regular visitors.
skamper with peanut
This is Skamper, the first of 6 chipmunks to make friends with me. He spends his summer gathering peanuts for his winter food supply.

Of course there is also quite a variety of birds that visit and I often write about all these different critters.  Some, like the chipmunks and squirrels become very tame and crawl all over me, and even some of the birds will do the same, like this chickadee below.chickadee and me

We live way up in northern Canada in a town named Kenora which is located on the shores of beautiful Lake of the Woods.img_6831

I love country living, although now I live in town in a small apartment.  I did live in the country at one time and still think that is better than town or city living, but we can’t all do that.  I do write about times in the country, hiking, snowshoeing in winter as well as adventurous times I had with my Dad while hiking and ‘insulatoring’.  That’s a term used for collecting insulators, which used to be a big hobby of mine.  Besides my blog posts, there are other pages to visit, some things humorous, others will be on the more serious side.  And of course, Muffin has her own page, though she doesn’t add to it very often!  Okay, that’s one of the humorous pages.

If you like what you see, we would be honored to have you ‘follow’ us!  So, please take some time to check things out, relax, and hang around for a while, like the little nuthatch below, and have some fun!  Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have a great day and God bless!  

Steve and Muffin!  ©2019 Steve McLeod

nuthatch hanging around
Wheehee! I love hanging around this place!

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