Sunny Days!

Good morning everyone whatever time of day it is for you!  Yes, I know.  It’s not morning here either.  But it just sounds so nice.  It was a beautiful sunny day!  And we just have not been getting many of those this winter.  And it wasn’t too cold.  Kind of nice after getting all that extra snow yesterday.  Sigh.  So I was outside for a while getting some new pics.  I know you are probably tired of looking at the same birds all the time, but there really isn’t a huge variety this time of year.

This little chickadee just looked too nice not to share his pic.

Unfortunately the little redpolls were once again not cooperating with me.  There was several of them out there as I watched out the window.  So I grabbed my camera and out I went.  They were gone.  Rats, gnats and blueberry bats.  Another time.  Which came a few hours later.  Great!  Grabbed my camera and out I went.  They were still there!  Just as I got them in view…big blue landed in the apple tree and scared them away.  I know he didn’t mean to, but, sigh.  So I took his pic instead, but, just as I clicked…well, the result is my featured image.

Speaking of…

Visitors to my deck.  I added another new one the other night.  I heard something out on the feeder outside my window.  I mean the board sitting on boxes outside my window.  Have to be careful what I say.  Feeders are not supposed to be like that.  Anyway, Muffin was looking intently so I knew it must be something different.  Sure enough, a flying squirrel.  Now, flying squirrels don’t fly, they soar.  Incredibly.  And fast.  I have watched them soar from tree to tree.  I have had them at my feeders in other places I have lived. At one place they became very friendly, just like the red squirrels.  By the way, red squirrels are not red, they are brown.  In the summer we have gray tree frogs.  They are a bright green.  And purple finches that are bright red.  I often wonder who names these critters.

This little nuthatch came along and chased my chickadee away so I took his pic instead.

  Back to…

The flying squirrels.  This one family kept coming to my feeder and they became very friendly.  They would even sit on my hand while they ate.  Including the 2 young ones that were not quite half the size of the mother.  Both the young would sit on my hand at the same time.  The fur on these squirrels is very thick and ultra soft.  I would pet them, rub their tummies.  Their tails are very thick and bushy.  I imagine they stay very warm. They lived in one of the bird houses I had put up for woodpeckers.


Is coming, I think.  But today I heard the chickadees singing their spring song.  Did that ever sound nice.  First time I have heard it this year.  Their was several of them singing out their this morning.  Maybe they know something.  Right.  They do this every year, sometimes they start earlier than this.  But it doesn’t mean an early spring.  Still, it does sound nice.  And I can dream…sigh.

Why me?

It was snowing yesterday, so naturally when I come in from outside some of that snow sticks to my boots.  And comes off on the mat by the door.  That’s okay.  But my bedroom door is right there also.  So I came out of my bedroom and forgot that the mat was wet.  Now my socks were wet.  I don’t like wet socks.  Especially in the winter.  This floor is cold.  So I go back in the bedroom and change socks.  Fine.  Then I went back outside to shovel snow.  Got snow in my boot.  My sock was now wet.  I don’t like wet socks.  I changed them when I got back inside.  A little while later I was washing dishes.  A pot slipped out of my hand.  And dumped water on the floor.  And on my feet.  Soaked.  I don’t like wet socks.  But this time I just started laughing.  Couldn’t help it.  It was just too hard to believe.  Poor Muffin.  She came to check on me to make sure I was okay.  Guess I woke her up.

And also…

That same day I managed to hit my head twice, the second time gave me a headache.  That second time my ear kind of split open a bit and started bleeding, a lot.  Sigh.  I also hit my knee on a stool.  Don’t ask.  And I dropped a pile of papers on the floor that I had been trying to sort out.  I was nearly finished.  Had to start over.  I am always surprised at how far papers can spread out across the floor when dropped like that.  They never just drop straight down.  Never.  Sigh.  And that’s just one day.

But today…

Was a nice sunny day.  It felt so nice and warm as it streamed in through the window.  Not long ago the birds were all gone to bed by 4:30 pm.  Now they stay until 5:20 pm. The days are getting longer.  And I am dreaming of warmer sunny spring days ahead.  And as I sit here writing and dreaming I am sipping a hot cup of raspberry leaf tea.

But for now…

It is time to say good bye from Muffin and I until next week.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod

Wednesday Wanderings…My Backyard.

Good evening everyone!  Or good morning to some of my readers.  Hmm, probably late night for others.  Sigh.  Actually I usually like to say ‘good morning’ all the time.  No matter what time of day it is.  Because somewhere it is morning.  And I love mornings. I love to watch a morning sunrise.  Especially if it’s a country sunrise.  Anyone with some beautiful sunrise photos you would like to share?  From anywhere.  One of my readers actually wanted to see pics of my backyard from today.  Amazing really.  Now, I really don’t have a backyard.  More like a side yard, about 8 feet wide and 12 feet long.  Mostly I have my deck which is 6 by 20 feet.  I rent a small apartment which is why the lack of a real yard.  But here are some pics from today, including my some of my backyard friends.

This is directly looking south, this is what I see coming directly out from my door.
This is my landlord’s apple tree, about 6 feet from my deck. Looks much nicer when it’s in full bloom.
The entrance to my deck. That little blue sign is about 4 feet off the ground.

Not much to see really.  It’s all my little, and not so little friends that make it interesting.  Including a coyote that walked by last night.  I have heard them close by before but this is the first time one actually came around.  Well, that I know of anyway.  Too bad I couldn’t get a pic of that one, would have made a nice addition to my collection!  But if I had gone out there it would have scared it, my screen door is kind of noisy right now, impossible to go out quietly.  Sigh.

But Now…

We get to meet some of my backyard friends again.  Or maybe I should say deck friends, but some don’t come onto the deck, so I guess that won’t work.  Sigh.

This is Mama which some of you already know, it was snowing when she arrived this afternoon.

And then we have some of the smaller friends like the woodpeckers.  I just love this next pic, this little critter is looking right at me, about 3 feet away.

Not the best pic, but it is cute anyway so I had to keep it. This is a male downy woodpecker, they are small birds.

I could keep adding more pics but I will stop there for now.  Of course there is the featured image at the top.  Ten extra points if you can spot the pine siskins.  It looked beautiful today with the snow on everything, just the right amount to really add texture to the landscape.  Would have been even better if the sun was shining.  But it was milder today so that was nice.  I could be outside without freezing my hands so quickly.  That is always a plus.

I Was So Happy…

I actually did something without hurting myself.  Really, that is amazing.  Even with simple projects I can find simple ways to simply hurt myself.  Sigh.  It’s true.  Like this afternoon I was baking some meatballs.  I opened the door to check on them.  The oven door does not always like to stay open.  I forgot that little point today.  And it closed against the back of my hand.  My hand turned red.  And it was a bit painful.  Good thing Muffin was sleeping.  That way she didn’t see me jumping all over the kitchen shaking my hand like I was trying to toss it away.  Which at the time wasn’t such a bad idea.  Sigh.

Back To Happy…

I have this stack of Rubbermaid totes in a corner of the living room.IMG_9825  Why?  No where else to put them.  And I need them for when I move.  I move a lot.  Sigh.  But that’s another story.  I finally got tired of looking at them.  So I made a little curtain thing to hide them.  Plus Muffin gets a new bed on top which she will enjoy when summer arrives and the windows are open.IMG_9895  She likes that spot in the summer, she really does.  It gets hot in here.  But that’s another story.  Just don’t look too close, I know I’m not that good at sewing.  But at least I don’t have to look at those totes any more.


It’s time to go already.  Please don’t forget to check out the new stuff, like the ‘chuckles’ page.  And there is more on the ‘extras’ page too, as well as the ‘poetry’ page.  My other new page is still in the work stage.  Sigh.  It’s taking much longer than I planned.  Unexpected technical problems.

I was thinking of giving an inside tour as well, but I don’t want to give you nightmares! I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your week, I will be back Friday, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod



Well, hello once again from the land of cold and snow!  And we are certainly living up to our reputation for that this year.  But, spring is on the way!  For someone anyway.  Just not us.  I mean, it is, but not anytime soon.  Sigh.  But, hey, I hit a new milestone!  I have just gone past 75 followers and I’m on the way to 100 now!!  Wheehee!  Okay.  I know.  Some of you are probably thinking that’s not so many, but…for me it’s fabulous!  I’m excited.  Honestly. It seemed like such a long way off when I first started.  So I’m excited! (insert happy dance).  Muffin is looking at me with that ‘look’ again.  Sometimes I really do think she knows what I’m writing.  Oh well.

female pine eating
A female pine grosbeak feasting on sunflower seeds.

  But I know what she’s thinking.  Her posts get more likes than mine.  But that’s okay.  Sigh.

Warm Summer Days…

Just the thought makes me feel warmer.  Sitting by the lake.  Just small wavelets lapping against the rocks.  The sky is the most brilliant sapphire blue.  Not even the tiniest wisp of a cloud in sight.  That blue is reflected in the lake like a giant sparkling jewel.  The breeze is rustling the aspen leaves so gently like thousands of emerald colored butterflies taking wing all at once.  The mossy hillside warmed by the golden rays of the summer sun.  There is the gently laughing of a loon hidden somewhere on the lake.  Yes, there it is, close to a tiny island, mostly granite with bits of grass and a 2 small shrubs.  Probably where it has it’s nest.  They seem to enjoy such locations.  Suddenly a song sparrow breaks into his loud song almost right next to me giving me a bit of a start.  Guess he didn’t see me sitting there.  What’s that?  Hey, it’s a baby on the back of that loon.  Whether it’s on the mother or father is a little hard to tell since both take turns giving rides for the first while.  Safe up there too.  Those little babies sometimes end up as food for some large fish or snapping turtle.  A white-throated sparrow is singing further along the shore to my right.  A pair of tree swallows are swooping back and forth over the water picking up insects for their young.  I study the trees around me but can’t see one they might be using for their nest.  I hear some rustling behind me.  It’s a squirrel looking for something to eat.  Hmm, he found himself a mushroom and scampers away with it.  There he sits on top of a small rock, munching happily, constantly looking around.  After a bit I toss a peanut over close to him.  He stops.  And looks.  Then runs over to the peanut, grabs it quickly, then back to his little rock to enjoy his new prize.  It’s an absolutely beautiful day.


I stop and look out the window.  It’s dark now.  Still a lot of snow on the ground.  But at least it’s not quite so cold now.  It was actually 15F today.  Felt quite nice actually.

male pine eating
A male pine grosbeak also feasting on those sunflower seeds.

  I was able to stand outside for quite a while taking pics of the birds before my fingers finally got too cold and I had to come back inside.  But even with all that snow and cold, it still is nice being out there enjoying the multitude of birds that come around here each day for food.  How many you ask?  Lots.  Though I have had many more other years.  But, there are over 40 chickadees, over 80 pine siskins,

pine siskin eating
Here is one of those pine siskins who is also eating sunflower seeds.

2 dozen pine grosbeaks, about 10 red-breasted nuthatches and one white-breasted nuthatch (I’m still trying to get a good pic of him, though I have one that isn’t too bad I guess), at least 5 hairy woodpeckers, at least 4 downy woodpeckers, 6 starlings, 4 crows, unfortunately 2 massive ravens who scare everything else away and numerous rock doves (also called pigeons by some), and a dozen common redpolls, 1 hoary redpoll (who manages to escape my best attempts at getting his picture, sigh).  I’ve probably missed a few.  Sigh.

Still Hurting…

I haven’t been too active the last couple days, hurt myself a bit too much with all that snow shoveling.  Thanks so much for those of you who were asking about me.  Happens to me once in a while, unfortunately.

Photos From Today…

These pics are a sampling of the ones I got today.  Except for the featured image!  Muffin has a new post available and my humor page is up, I will be adding more on a regular basis so please keep checking my extra pages and hopefully a new one should be ready tomorrow.  I hope you all enjoy the next few days and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod (except featured image, thanks again Candace)

Country Time In The Winter.

Good evening everyone!  As I sit here next to the fireplace, the warmth of the crackling fire permeates every muscle, I can literally feel it right through to my bones.  The light from the fire dances across the log walls giving such a delightful feel on a cold winter evening.  Frost covers the windows as the wind howls swirling snow in every direction. But in here it is warm.  Protected from the exterior elements.  Outside it is bitterly cold. Here I sit, dreaming of a sunny beach, sitting under a palm tree, enjoying the warmth of a day in Hawaii.  Okay.  I can dream.  All of it is a dream.  No fireplace.  No fire.  No log walls.  Though they are finished in pine boards.  So it’s close.  My dream of country living.  The cold and snow part is real too.  Unfortunately.  Started snowing Sunday night. Finally finished yesterday.  Mostly a fine type snow.  Which is good.  Still, it added up to 16 inches.  The snow is deep out there.  Huge piles of snow are everywhere in this town right now.  Sigh.  That makes me think of warm places.  Like Hawaii.  One of my favorite places.  Though I have never been there.  Okay.  Sounds crazy.  It’s these long, cold, snowy winters that last 6 months.  It’s, it’s…CABIN FEVER again!  Sigh.

Even Birds…

I’m sure are ready for spring.  Poor things.  But at least they are well fed.

cold bohemian waxwing
This Bohemian waxwing looks fat, but he is just fluffed out due to the cold.

  I think they eat more than I do.  Muffin is looking at me.  With that ‘look’.  She doesn’t quite understand the feeding birds part.  She doesn’t even really get excited about watching them.  She likes squirrels.  And chipmunks.  She will watch a squirrel more than a 100 feet away.  For a long time.  Hard to understand that.  I was outside for a while this afternoon trying to get some pictures.  I did get a few.

This gray jay looks like he is saying, “okay, I posed for the pic, now where’s the food?”

Nearly froze my fingers as well.  It definitely hurts when I finally come back inside and warm them up.  Probably a stupid thing to do.  But I have never claimed to be intelligent.  And I do get some nice pics.  Sometimes.


The downy woodpeckers were around a lot.  And braver than usual.  I could easily go out and they wouldn’t fly away.  Managed to get very close to one male.  No camera.  I think they know when I don’t have a camera with me.  They are camera shy.  But yesterday the wind was blowing the snow around so much that trying to get a pic would not have been easy.  Would have got my camera full of snow.  Sigh.  Today I went out with my camera, poof, they were gone.  Amazing.

Ahh, Country…

I am just not a city person.  And this isn’t even a city.  Well, it’s called a city.  But it isn’t really.  Used to live in the country.  By a private lake.  Just a small lake.  But it was so nice. There are a lot of lakes in this part of the country.  Lakes, forest, hills, rock.  Great place to live.  But, there is a lot of country right here in town.  Though a lot of people don’t like it.  But what do they expect?  There are deer all over this town.  Does give birth right in people’s yards.  I have made friends with many deer.  I can pet them.  Hug them.  Play with them.  Amazingly when I lived in the country I hardly ever saw a deer.  Odd.  Plus so much other wildlife right here on my deck.  Black bear, fox, chipmunk, squirrel, racoon, wolf.  I hope this year I can get a pic of a bear.  Safely.  They can get quite big after all.

Speaking Of Shopping…

I was, this morning.  Shopping that is.  I saw this guy pushing a cart down an aisle, looking at his phone, obviously texting.  I wish I had seen him the second time too. That time he ran into me.  Literally.  Still texting.  He said, ‘oh’, backed up a bit, then went around me.  Still glued to his phone.  Oh?  That’s it?  Whatever happened to ‘sorry’?  Sigh. Last summer I watched a guy glued to his phone walking down the sidewalk.  He walked right into a tree.  It obviously startled him a bit, but he kept on going.  He almost walked into someone right after that, but the other person saw him coming and moved out of the way.  Smart.  Hmm, I wonder if it was the same guy?

My Apologies…

If sometimes I am a bit long answering your comments it’s just simply because I’m a bit backwards.  I don’t have a cell phone, smart phone or even a somewhat intelligent phone.  I have a landline.  Desk type phone.  Can’t carry it with me.  Normally I am on my computer only in the evening.  Sometimes for a short time early morning.  So it takes me a while to answer.

New Pages…

There is now Steve’s Country Poetry.  Amazing, I know.  I am not a poet.  But I like to have fun and maybe there will be something you might like to read on there.  Soon to arrive will be Steve’s Country Humor, though it won’t be mine, so it just might be good.  Hopefully it will be available by Monday.  And Muffin should have a new post ready tomorrow.  And more will be coming.

That Snow…

I should know better.  Was shoveling last evening.

upside down
I think that human has his head on upside down!

  Hurt my back terribly, which really showed up this afternoon.  I’m not supposed to shovel snow.  But I never learn.  Sigh.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod (except the warm featured image which is not mine, but it is copyrighted)

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