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The Investigators, Inc. The Lost Doll. Chapter 11.

While all this has been happening…Muffin had sent another distress signal, after she was shot, this time to Baldwin. His phone lit up and he looked at Muffin’s message, “Meow,meow.=I shot, dying. Annelie, Jennifer kidnapped. My human back to nowhere. He dying too.” Baldwin… Continue Reading “The Investigators, Inc. The Lost Doll. Chapter 11.”

Steve And Muffin’s Monday Smiles. #12

Good morning! Here we are once again to start your week with a smile or two, and hopefully even a chuckle! Just sit back, relax and read on… One afternoon a waiter served a bowl of chicken soup to an elderly gentleman. As he… Continue Reading “Steve And Muffin’s Monday Smiles. #12”

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