Thanksgiving Day!

Good morning on this another cloudy day with just a bit of light rain which is quite normal these days as it is mostly cloudy with some amount of rain every day it seems and of course it is still very cool but there is no snow on the ground right now and for me that is certainly something to be thankful about since I am no longer a winter person as our winters are rather long and for me winter is now a dangerous time of year thought at one time I really did not mind winter at all and it did have it’s fun times and of course it’s work times with all that snow to shovel out of the way and the cold did not bother me like it does now due to all these various health problems but I will admit it does look beautiful at times but fall is probably the most beautiful time of year and the colors are really starting to look fabulous as I was looking out over the lake this morning and naturally I did not have my camera with me so hopefully it won’t be raining tomorrow and then I will be able to get some pics of that beauty even though it will still be cloudy and sunny days are even better however I don’t think I should try and wait for a sunny day since the leaves might all be on the ground by then and so it would be too late and I apologize to all my readers who might be teachers for my terrible grammar in this sentence but hey that’s me!  Whew.  I doubt I could actually say all that without taking a breath.  It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.  So there may be a slight pause in my fall hiking series.  Sorry about that.  It happens.  Though it is Thanksgiving today, I truly believe that we should be thankful every day of the year.  There is just so much to be thankful for and about.  No Thanksgiving dinner for me this year.  Only Muffin and I so no point in getting elaborate with a dinner.  Besides, I don’t know how to cook such a dinner anyway.  So we kept it simple.  Normal dinner.  Which Muffin and I shared.  Though she seemed a bit upset that she couldn’t eat off of my plate.  The look she gave me.  Quite amazing.  But we played together.  Playing with your pet is certainly a country pleasure.  And it can be enjoyed in the city as well.  And pets are something we can be thankful for.  They can bring a lot of pleasure into our lives.  I know some of you probably don’t like pets.  That’s okay.  But they are still a pleasure.  I brought out Muffin’s wool blanket that she likes to use for the cooler months.  It’s on top of my insulator display shelf.  She likes it up there.  From there is her ‘bridge’ to another cabinet and then she can jump onto another higher shelf which is her gateway to her ‘cave’.  She likes her cave.  Always checks it out even though nothing in it changes.  Speaking of change.  I sat outside for a while today to feed my critters.  LB showed up right away.

LB 1
LB is finally brave enough to sit on me.

So did Checker, one of my chipmunks.  Poor Checker.  LB does not like the chipmunks.  So Checker didn’t get any peanuts today.  LB did.  So did the blue jay with peanut  At least 3 of the blue jays will land on my leg to get a peanut now.  Haven’t been able to get a pic of that yet.  These are all country pleasures that I am thankful for.  Hopefully my deer friends will be back soon. People think I am crazy getting so close to wild deer.  They could kill you, they say.  True. If they wanted to.  They are another country pleasure that I am thankful for.  The bears still come around.  I’m thankful for seeing them too.  From a safe location.  Hey, I’m not that crazy!  I don’t mind hugging the deer, but bears are a different story!  I am truly thankful for the opportunity to spend time with all these different critters.  And there are many others.  I am thankful for all those fabulous colors of fall.  I am thankful for family. For friends.  And for all of you who actually take time to read these odd thoughts which I call ‘musings’!  Feel free to share these musings.  There are many different ways to do so. I don’t mind.  Really.  Muffin is sleeping on her wool blanket.  That play time wore her out.  The fall hike will continue, but not today.  Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (pics are mine except the featured image at the top)

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    • Thanks for the nice comment! I love animals and with a little patience and speaking nice and softly it is quite easy to make friends with them. And with some a little food always helps!

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