Fall Hiking, Heading Back.

Good morning everyone on this Monday right in the middle of October with all it’s beauty of brilliant colors and warm sunny days!  Sigh.  Only in my dreams this fall.  There is still snow on the ground.  Some has melted.  We did have quite a bit of rain on Saturday.  But the ground is still very white.  And frozen.  Though the grass does show through in places.  The deer are enjoying that.  Major has been around nearly every day since our snow arrived.  For my newer readers, Major is a deer.  A buck.  Ten pointer.  Nice size critter.  He still remembers me though he was a bit cautious about coming too close when I called him over.  Actually haven’t seen him since last January.  So how do I know it’s the same deer?  How many deer are named Major?  Sigh.  It’s still cold.  And snowing once again.  Though it is supposed to be in the 50s on Thursday.  With sunshine. Right.  But it is also going to cool off again by the weekend.  Sigh.  I think all this cloudiness is getting to me.  Reminds me of Cabin Fever!  But it’s too early for that!  I think.  Sometimes anyway.  I did today for awhile.  Gave me a headache.  My chipmunks appear to be gone now.  Sigh.  Smart critters though.

Sylvester A
This is Sylvester.

They spend their winters indoors sleeping and eating.  People go outside.  When it’s -40.  Crazy.  Enough of winter.  Back to a nice fall day with brilliant sunshine and blue skies.  Dad and I had finished our little lunch and started walking along the tracks and amazingly enough that old town site was just a little ways from where we had enjoyed our COFFEE!  At least one of us did.  Most of the area was just long grass with foundations of a few buildings.  One area was grown over a bit with small aspens.  We were not doing too well locating the old garbage dumps however.  I was really hoping to find some nice old bottles at this spot.  Dad came over to where I was poking around.  Notice anything different?  I looked around.  What do you mean?  Look, said Dad.  I was looking but I couldn’t see anything out of place.  Look up, said Dad.  I did.  What am I supposed to see?, I asked.  The sky, said Dad.  All I see are clouds, said I.  Exactly, said Dad.  Dark clouds.  And a few rain drops started falling.  We better head back before it starts raining too much or it will be hard getting back up that hill, explained Dad.  Hmm, he might be right.  Off we went.  We can always come back.  By the time we made it back to the creek it was raining harder.  Might get wet, I said.  We’re already wet, said Dad.  Only a little, said I.  We came to the log we had used to cross before.  It will likely be slippery now, said Dad, so be careful.  Thanks.  I looked around.  Hey, a nice long branch, that will make it easier to cross, I said.  Right, said Dad.  Really, just use it like a cane, stick it in the creek as we walk across, said I.  Off I went.  The log was very slippery but the branch did help.  Here, I said as I tossed it back to Dad.  The branch hit the side of the creek in some wet mud and splattered the mud onto Dad.  My glasses, he shouted, they’re covered in mud.  Wash them in the creek, I called back.  He bent over to do so.  And slipped on the mud.  Dad yelled.  He just kind of slowly went down into the creek.  Right up to his waist.  That was too much.  The look of terror on Dad’s face.  Priceless.  BONEHEAD!, he called out.  How could he be enjoying that?  Dad decided to walk across the creek.  He figured he was wet anyway, so why not?  Makes sense, I guess.  Now that hill.  We looked for a better way up than the way we came down.  That wasn’t easy.  But we found a spot.  Rain had almost stopped.  Good, I said, now maybe we won’t get so wet.  Dad just looked.  That was it.  I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I burst out laughing.  Think I laughed most of the way up that hill.  You go up first, said Dad.  Naturally.  Suddenly it started to rain hard.  Right now the rain is very white looking.  Only 6 pm and it’s dark in here.  Still some birds out there looking for food.  There are dozens and dozens of little birds, juncos, white-throated sparrows, one lone clay-colored sparrow.

Purple finches
A couple purple finches enjoying their treat.

They all got trapped here by that snow storm last week.  Even Rickie, my ring-billed gull has come by a couple of times.  Plus all the other birds, there is a lot right now.  Hmm, almost finished that fall hiking series.  I’ll finish next time.  Honest.  Some people say my posts are too long.  Perhaps.  Sigh.  Until next time, enjoy your week (hope it’s warmer than mine) and God bless!

Steve and Muffin, who is sleeping again.

One Comment on “Fall Hiking, Heading Back.

  1. Good morning Brother Steve, it has been very surprising weather here in Saskatchewan. We didn’t have much of a fall. Just winter! Just about a week ago we had received about 6 inches. The Lord is good! Well time for me to go, but before I go here’s a encouraging word, “Love God and Love His people”. Oh, and have a Godly day!

    Bro. Will Fehr and family


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