It’s Winter And It’s Cold.

Good morning everyone on this last Friday of 2018!  Hard to believe that the year is nearly over.  Seems like the year only began a little while ago.  Soon January will be here again.  And it’s cold.  It has been a long winter already.  We receive our first snowstorm back on October 10.  Though all that snow eventually melted it wasn’t long before more snow arrived.  So it’s been a long winter.  And there is a lot more ahead.  Sigh.  In case you haven’t guessed it, I am not a winter person.  I like warm weather.  But really, that has more to do with health issues than anything else.  I feel better when it’s warm.  Which is why I like it.

But there is beauty in winter.  Especially a country winter.  When I lived in the country I thoroughly enjoyed winter.  I would go on long hikes.  Or go snowshoeing.  Walking through the forest with snow covered trees, especially with the sun shining, it was breathtaking at times.  And the quiet.  Walking among the trees I was the only sound I often heard.  But sounds would travel long distances and even little sounds like a woodpecker pecking on a tree would carry for quite a distance.

Female hairy woodpecker
There was a time when I never thought a woodpecker would sit on a branch like other birds, but they will do so quite often, like this female hairy woodpecker.

I found that out trying to locate some of them which I thought were close by but were actually some distance away.  Then the sound of a flock of chickadees high in the trees as they searched diligently for food.  They are an amazing little bird, able to survive our harshest winter weather and always sounding so cheerful.  And it was always a treat to find some boreal chickadees.  Instead of the usual black-capped chickadees the boreal chickadees are harder to find.  They are brown instead of black.  And they will come to feeders in the right places, especially living out in the country.  Haven’t seen one now for years.  Like the black-capped I have had them sit on my hand to get food.Boreal chickadee  Unfortunately the only pic I have is one from years ago and it’s not very good.

The birds here were busy today.  It’s always that way when it’s cold.  Or if a snowstorm is coming.  They arrive in the morning while it’s just starting to get daylight.  It’s hard to see those little chickadees at that time of day.  And they spend the whole day going back and forth to the feeders.  Except when that shrike comes around.  Then they are as still as statues.  I’m glad that critter doesn’t show up too often.  They generally eat a bird a day.  I lost one chickadee yesterday when that shrike showed up.  The blue jays were not around at the time.  They are a great early warning system for the smaller birds.  The blue jays and gray jays will often work together to chase a shrike away.

I am looking forward to spring already.  That’s bad.  That means that cabin fever is close. Oh well.  Happens every year.  Thank you all for being such dedicated readers of my blog.  I know it gets a little crazy at times.  But it’s all meant to bring a smile or even a chuckle or two.  And thanks also for all those who have decided to ‘follow’ my blog.  And please, let others know about it!  And if you have any ideas on how to improve my blog, please let me know by using my CONTACT US page.  Enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

9 Comments on “It’s Winter And It’s Cold.

  1. Can’t believe the chickadee perched (& munched) from your hand! wow! That is so very cool. We love our birdies here, but they’re not THAT friendly. Must be a Canada thing (or maybe they just like you, Steve!) Cheers! 🕊😎🕊

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    • Animals in general do seem to like me for some reason. I have had more than a dozen different species of birds eat from my hand and over 20 birds at a time sitting on me waiting for food. It is a lot of fun indeed.

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  2. Beautiful pics and post! Snow makes everything look pretty and clean, 😆 Being able to hear only animals and not traffic, that’s relaxing. Thanks for sharing. Pic with the bird eating from hands was awesome! Similar to Snow White, 😃

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    • Thanks for the wonderful comment! I hope you will keep coming back and continue to enjoy and maybe you will consider following! Thanks again.


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