Country Time In The Winter.

Good evening everyone!  As I sit here next to the fireplace, the warmth of the crackling fire permeates every muscle, I can literally feel it right through to my bones.  The light from the fire dances across the log walls giving such a delightful feel on a cold winter evening.  Frost covers the windows as the wind howls swirling snow in every direction. But in here it is warm.  Protected from the exterior elements.  Outside it is bitterly cold. Here I sit, dreaming of a sunny beach, sitting under a palm tree, enjoying the warmth of a day in Hawaii.  Okay.  I can dream.  All of it is a dream.  No fireplace.  No fire.  No log walls.  Though they are finished in pine boards.  So it’s close.  My dream of country living.  The cold and snow part is real too.  Unfortunately.  Started snowing Sunday night. Finally finished yesterday.  Mostly a fine type snow.  Which is good.  Still, it added up to 16 inches.  The snow is deep out there.  Huge piles of snow are everywhere in this town right now.  Sigh.  That makes me think of warm places.  Like Hawaii.  One of my favorite places.  Though I have never been there.  Okay.  Sounds crazy.  It’s these long, cold, snowy winters that last 6 months.  It’s, it’s…CABIN FEVER again!  Sigh.

Even Birds…

I’m sure are ready for spring.  Poor things.  But at least they are well fed.

cold bohemian waxwing
This Bohemian waxwing looks fat, but he is just fluffed out due to the cold.

  I think they eat more than I do.  Muffin is looking at me.  With that ‘look’.  She doesn’t quite understand the feeding birds part.  She doesn’t even really get excited about watching them.  She likes squirrels.  And chipmunks.  She will watch a squirrel more than a 100 feet away.  For a long time.  Hard to understand that.  I was outside for a while this afternoon trying to get some pictures.  I did get a few.

This gray jay looks like he is saying, “okay, I posed for the pic, now where’s the food?”

Nearly froze my fingers as well.  It definitely hurts when I finally come back inside and warm them up.  Probably a stupid thing to do.  But I have never claimed to be intelligent.  And I do get some nice pics.  Sometimes.


The downy woodpeckers were around a lot.  And braver than usual.  I could easily go out and they wouldn’t fly away.  Managed to get very close to one male.  No camera.  I think they know when I don’t have a camera with me.  They are camera shy.  But yesterday the wind was blowing the snow around so much that trying to get a pic would not have been easy.  Would have got my camera full of snow.  Sigh.  Today I went out with my camera, poof, they were gone.  Amazing.

Ahh, Country…

I am just not a city person.  And this isn’t even a city.  Well, it’s called a city.  But it isn’t really.  Used to live in the country.  By a private lake.  Just a small lake.  But it was so nice. There are a lot of lakes in this part of the country.  Lakes, forest, hills, rock.  Great place to live.  But, there is a lot of country right here in town.  Though a lot of people don’t like it.  But what do they expect?  There are deer all over this town.  Does give birth right in people’s yards.  I have made friends with many deer.  I can pet them.  Hug them.  Play with them.  Amazingly when I lived in the country I hardly ever saw a deer.  Odd.  Plus so much other wildlife right here on my deck.  Black bear, fox, chipmunk, squirrel, racoon, wolf.  I hope this year I can get a pic of a bear.  Safely.  They can get quite big after all.

Speaking Of Shopping…

I was, this morning.  Shopping that is.  I saw this guy pushing a cart down an aisle, looking at his phone, obviously texting.  I wish I had seen him the second time too. That time he ran into me.  Literally.  Still texting.  He said, ‘oh’, backed up a bit, then went around me.  Still glued to his phone.  Oh?  That’s it?  Whatever happened to ‘sorry’?  Sigh. Last summer I watched a guy glued to his phone walking down the sidewalk.  He walked right into a tree.  It obviously startled him a bit, but he kept on going.  He almost walked into someone right after that, but the other person saw him coming and moved out of the way.  Smart.  Hmm, I wonder if it was the same guy?

My Apologies…

If sometimes I am a bit long answering your comments it’s just simply because I’m a bit backwards.  I don’t have a cell phone, smart phone or even a somewhat intelligent phone.  I have a landline.  Desk type phone.  Can’t carry it with me.  Normally I am on my computer only in the evening.  Sometimes for a short time early morning.  So it takes me a while to answer.

New Pages…

There is now Steve’s Country Poetry.  Amazing, I know.  I am not a poet.  But I like to have fun and maybe there will be something you might like to read on there.  Soon to arrive will be Steve’s Country Humor, though it won’t be mine, so it just might be good.  Hopefully it will be available by Monday.  And Muffin should have a new post ready tomorrow.  And more will be coming.

That Snow…

I should know better.  Was shoveling last evening.

upside down
I think that human has his head on upside down!

  Hurt my back terribly, which really showed up this afternoon.  I’m not supposed to shovel snow.  But I never learn.  Sigh.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod (except the warm featured image which is not mine, but it is copyrighted)

31 Comments on “Country Time In The Winter.

  1. I am glad you were feeling better today. I was afraid you might be out of action for a few days. I was getting ready to miss your wildlife encounters. But now I dont have to because you didn’t do I dont have to!! See? Makes perfect sense! Right? Well it did when I thought of it…. Stay warm!!

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  2. Oh, one more thing… If you and Muffin get cold just sitting around put on some music and Dance!! I find it lifts my spirits and helps to keep me warm inside!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Hopefully you’ll learn your lesson this time and don’t shovel again.
    Although you captured beautiful photos, good job.
    I’m glad you are warm and cozy now, probably cuddling with Muffin. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thank you, Steve, for sharing your bird pics. I’ve never seen a Bohemian waxwing – what a fun perky bird. Made me (& others I’m sure) smile. Stay warm!!! ☀️💨🦉💨☀️

    Liked by 3 people

    • This variety of waxwings likely doesn’t make it that far south. They are here only in winter and usually head back north by the middle of March. So I’m very happy to get some pictures of them! Thanks so much for the comment! Enjoy your weekend 😊 Very cold again today.😞

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  5. Love the photos Steve! I’m tired of winter here too. We are supposed to get snow every day this week, along with 35 Mph winds. I am hoping our groundhog was right and only 6 more weeks of winter, but that never seems to happen. Stay warm!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks so much for kind words! Sounds like our weather last week! But tomorrow it’s supposed to be 15F, after all the cold it will feel like spring!🙋 I’m hoping the birds will be busy so I can be out there getting more pics without freezing.😊

      Liked by 2 people

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