Blue Skies…Big Surprise.

Hello everyone, so nice to meet with you once again!  This is the last Monday of February. Another month of winter is nearly over.  How many months are left?  Hard to say.  But today the sky was a brilliant blue.  Not a cloud anywhere the whole day.  Amazing really, we haven’t been getting many days like this all winter.

male pine 2
Male pine grosbeak looking a bit cold out there today.

  Usually it is quite common during winter, but not this year.  So it was very nice to see.  Sunshine and blue skies often make people more joyful, friendly and just having a lot more energy and a desire to actually do things.  I thoroughly enjoy sunny days.  But then, cloudy days are necessary too.  If we didn’t have the clouds and rain then those sunny days wouldn’t be much fun anymore.

Weather changes…

Can be very quick and drastic sometimes.  It snowed again Friday night and a bit Saturday morning, about 5 inches.  Sigh.  But Saturday turned out to be quite a nice day.  The snow was actually melting by afternoon.  Well, soft anyway.  I could make snowballs.  Water was all over my deck.  Such a change from all that cold we have had this winter.  But…things changed again.  Sunday was sunny.  And very windy.  And bitterly cold!  This morning it was -25F, -41F with the little bit of wind we had today.

Female pine grosbeak, with a little redpoll in front, enjoying some lunch today.

My pathway to my deck was filled with snow again.  I shoveled that path 4 times.  The wind kept filling it with snow.  So today I’m not doing much.  Too sore to move around. Sigh.


I don’t learn too easily.  But there was a lot of bird activity today.  So I went out for a while to get some pics.  There is a bird I have been trying to get a picture of for 2 weeks. He was out there again today.  So out I went.  He flew away.  Never showed up the whole time I was out there.  Which really wasn’t too long.

male redpoll
A male redpoll with the sun making his red spot on his head shine brilliantly.

  I nearly froze.  So I came back inside. A few minutes later I looked out the window.  That bird was back.  Sigh.  But I will keep trying.


One night I woke up.  Thought I heard something.  It was early.  To be exact, it was 4:58 am.  Sounded like something was on my bed.  Then it came right on my pillow.  It was light enough with the moon shining brightly through the window.  A mouse was on my pillow looking right at me!  Then it jumped on my head!!  Then I jumped.  Then the mouse learned how to fly. I did not have a cat at the time.  Now mice can look cute.  But NOT when they are in my bed!  Sigh.  The things that happen to me sometimes.

Summer thoughts…

Winter is long again this year.  Our winters seem to be getting longer all the time.  This time of year I especially like to think about summer.  It is nice and warm.  Early mornings are beautiful.  The lake is like a mirror.  Birds are busy singing.  And I mean busy, with dozens and dozens of birds singing a grand chorus of praise to God.  For me it is a thrill to listen to them.  I love mornings.  It’s the best time of day.  Everything just seems to be so calm.  Watching the sun rise from the top of a high hill.  Listening to all the birds as they wake up one by one.  Some start before it’s even daylight.  I enjoy that early time.  Not quite the same here in town.  But it’s still nice.  Going out on the deck with my cup of COFFEE!

Shopping is so much fun…

And one time I bought a couple T-shirts.  Two different colors.  One had a tag, one did not.  No matter, they were the same price anyway.  So off I go to the checkout.  This one doesn’t have a tag, he said.  I know, but they are both the same price, so just use the tag on the other one.  Can’t do that, he said, they are different colors.  I will have to get a price check.  There isn’t anymore in that color, I said.  But he called for a price check anyway.  There isn’t anymore in that color he was told.  Now he was really confused.  He didn’t know what to do.  This was not a new cashier, he had been working there a long time.  Surely he had come across this problem before.  Anyway, I said just use the tag on the other shirt.  But it’s not the same color.  I was almost ready to pull my hair out by this point.  Finally he decided to call the manager.  The lady behind me was getting impatient. She told the cashier to use the tag on the other shirt.  I already told him that, I said.  Finally the manager came.  Use the tag on the other shirt, she said, and walked away.  I’m not sure who wanted to scream more, me or the lady behind me.  Anyway, he did it, but mumbled, it’s not the same color.  Sigh.  It could only happen to me.

Well, another day has come and gone.  Thank you so much for reading.  Until next time, I hope you enjoy your week, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod


20 Comments on “Blue Skies…Big Surprise.

  1. That drives me crazy when a simple inventory check would take care of it…but noooo. We had lovely clear skies today too. Such a simple thing that puts a smile on our faces isn’t it?

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  2. I wonder if the birds enjoy warm weather or they go on happily everyday as I’d weather was not a thing?

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  3. The story in the end sounds biblical. Although, he wanted to follow what you both said, he wanted to check with the manager to be sure. It’s a simple solution to us, the customer, but could have been an issue for him later. 😆 it is why I don’t shop in stores, online is better for me.

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      • Thanks Bruce, I have been thinking about it, guess I should start sorting through my photos, I’m afraid they are not too well organized. And I still find it hard to believe that anyone would actually pay for a book of my photos. But I will get started and will be asking questions!

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