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Here is something that was posted on Ilona’s blog yesterday and I was given permission to reprint it here.  This is what our society has become it seems.

Here is the story about what is a real man?

Two men and a woman were standing in a small park watching something and a third man went over to see. There was a rather big guy about to rape a young girl (early teens). The two guys were not doing anything so the third man went over to try and do something. This guy was quite a bit bigger than the third man, but, still he went over and when he looked up at the third man, this third man punched him in the face. He didn’t seem to like that and the third man ended up being punched and kicked a few times. He then ran away as the girls parents came to get their daughter. The third man asked if she was okay, the mother yelled to stay away, which he did. He then went back to the where the others were standing and the woman there said to him, you’re not a real man, a real man would have won that fight, my Brad here would have beat that guy easy. Strange, her Brad didn’t do anything but watch. But that is the definition of a real man now I guess. In that case, the third man said he didn’t mind not being a real man. He lost but at least the girl wasn’t raped so she was saved from suffering something dreadful, he only had to put up with a few aches and pains for a few days. How long would she have suffered. What is your definition of a real man? As you said, this is how down we are now.

P.S. I asked permission to post it and the person said yes.

There it is folks, what do you think?  I hope your day goes well and God bless.

Steve and Muffin.

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  1. Sounds like the Bible story where the man told one son to do something and the son said yes but did nothing and the second son said he wouldn’t but would up doing what needed to be done. Which one was obedient to his father?

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    • So true Lillian, that girl could have suffered her entire life. I just don’t understand how people can just stand around and watch, or get their phones out and get pictures. People just don’t seem to care or don’t want to get involved anymore. Very sad. I hope your day is wonderful and God bless.😃🌞😺

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  2. I felt sad and pained reading the story. It’s such a cruel world. People criticize so readily, they don’t even think. I don’t think that a real man doesn’t ever fail, but a real man tries and bounces back up even if he fails.. rather a real person,I wouldn’t use man here.. 🙂
    Thank you for the share

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    • It is a terrible thing, people would rather watch than get involved, even getting their phones out for pictures. So sad to see how our society has gone. Yes, real woman or man, the definition fits, just in this true story it had to do with what is a real man due to what the woman had said. Thanks for reading and sharing, have a great day!

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    • Yes Ally, I would agree with that. I just don’t understand how people can stand around and watch, or even take pictures. They don’t want to get involved. So sad the way our society is now.


  3. I read this yesterday and I believe my comment was that many are mixing between being a “male” and a “man”
    Hypocrisy in society has gone rogue and for me if you can help someone without being hurt, and you didn’t, you should be punished! People are so careless that instead of helping, they bring their phones and start filming!
    I do not blame those who are afraid to get hurt or die while helping, but I respect and admire those who do despite this danger, those brave people are my favorite! Especially if they don’t have the requirements to beat their rival , this is what I call bravery!

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    • I totally agree with you Huguette! That’s an excellent comment! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.🙂If it was me in that situation, there would be no way I could stand there and do nothing, even if it meant getting beat up. What’s that compared to what that girl would suffer?

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  4. The man who took action and punched the rapist and saved the girl is the real man. Everyone else were a bunch of cowards. That guy Brad was a total chump just standing there and watching. When I was in middle school, there was a guy punching and pushing this girl in gym class. I rushed him and slammed him on the hardwood floor. He ran away like the coward he was. I don’t care if the guy is bigger or not. If I see a girl getting hurt, I am going to attack the attacker and he better hope I’m not carrying my .45 at the time. I don’t put up with punk chump suckers like that. I just give them the hard discipline they deserve. Men better start standing up and acting like real men. Maybe these millennial boys need to watch some John Wayne movies and take up some kind of self defense training. I recommend Krav Maga and a .45. Works for the Israelis and it works for me. God bless!

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    • Hi Ryan, thanks for reading and for your great comment. I agree with you totally on this! Self defense training is always a good idea and would come in handy for a situation like this. I know I could never stand and watch, I would have to get involved no matter what. God bless.🙂

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  5. A real man uses himself to lift others up and help those that are weaker and those that need him
    A real mam stands up when need be and protects his family and loves them and supports them.

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  6. Oh my god! If I was the girl I would have shout to my mother to shut up. But maybe she’s too terrified. But the mother… argh! What an ingrate!

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  7. That’s freaking nuts. The society in which we live in is so bassackwards. What man just stands there and watching a woman potentially being raped. And the woman not begging the men to go help.

    Kuddos to the man who risked his own safety to helped that young woman.

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    • Seems so many people now would rather get their phones out to take a video than to help. If those other two guys had joined in they would have been able to hold the rapist until the police arrived. It’s so sad.


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