It’s One Of Those Days.

Hello everyone on this fine day which is also the last day of July.  Because it’s the last day of the month I thought maybe something a bit humorous would be nice for today.   I plan on doing this probably once a week, to pick out something from my notes on humorous things that have happened to me and share them with you.  Speaking of humorous, Sugar was around this morning.  That’s a skunk.  If you don’t know what a skunk is, you are fortunate indeed.  The worst smelling animal that there is.

Coming up to my deck.

Speaking of phones.  It’s getting late, so off to bed I go.  I lie down.  Within 5 minutes the phone rings.  Okay, beeps.  I answer the phone.  That annoying noise again which nearly takes my ears off.  This happens quite frequently at times.  Sounds like a trumpet with a sore throat.  Very loud.  I hang up and get back to bed.  Within 5 minutes the phone beeps.  I answer the phone.  Nothing this time.  Not a sound.  This also happens frequently.  I hang up and wait a bit.  Nothing happens, so after 15 minutes I go back to bed.  Within 5 minutes the phone beeps.  I answer.  Nothing again.  This time I go look out the window to see if anyone is watching.  I mean, 3 times in a row.  That is quite a coincidence.

A small flowering shrub in my landlord’s garden, no idea what it is.

Phones can be annoying.  The phone number was blocked, so call display was useless. Other things can be annoying too.  I am coming out the door at the store.  Automatic door.  It closes before I get through the door.  The people ahead of me didn’t have that trouble. It didn’t want to open again either.  Store employee had to help.  Amazing really. My friend unlocked his car door one day so I could get in.  Just as I grab the door handle it locked again.  Never did that before, he said.  Naturally.

Then there is my printer.  It argues with me.  I go to print something.  It says the paper tray is empty.  It is not.  I rearrange the paper.  Hit print.  It says the paper tray is empty.  No, it is not, I tell the printer.  I again rearrange the paper.  Hit print.  It says the paper tray is empty.  At this point I’m bouncing on my chair and banging my head on the desk. And I’m ready to throw the printer out the window!  So what to do now?  What any sane person would have done before this, I turn off the printer and go do something else.

Another fritillary butterfly.

Other times it is half finished printing a page.  It stops.  Says printing is finished.  Kicks out paper.  That is a bit annoying.  Try again.  Gets nearly done.  Stops.  Says printing is finished and kicks out paper.  That is very annoying now.  Try again.  I guess I like being annoyed.  It says paper tray is empty.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  Another time, after hitting print, I wait.  Nothing happens.  Then it says printing is finished.  Crazy machine.  Try again.  It says printing is finished.  I try again.  Honestly, I really must like being annoyed.  I wait.  It starts up.  Amazing.  Doesn’t print though.  Just kicks out paper.  Fast.  So it flies on the floor.  Then it does it again.  And again.  Paper flying everywhere.  I try to stop it.  Can’t.  I try to catch the paper.  Only succeed in crumpling it.  One piece hit me on the nose.  Paper cut.  Touch my nose.  I’m bleeding.  Naturally.  Then I touch the paper.  Now I have blood on the paper.

A little blue flower called bachelor button.

Another time it decided to take all the paper at once, 20 sheets of paper.  It jammed.  Naturally.  It tells me the paper jammed.  No kidding.  I think I noticed that already.  You’re only supposed to take one piece of paper at a time.  Now I’m talking to a machine.  What a time I had getting that paper out of there.  Every last piece was ripped and crumpled.  I now have a new printer.  No more problems I say to myself.  First time I use it my computer says, the printer does not exist.  I turn it off and go do something else.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed today’s look at some things that happen to me.  Looking back at it I can laugh quite a bit, even if at the time it was a bit annoying.  I hope you have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

35 Comments on “It’s One Of Those Days.

  1. Oh my goodness Steve!!! I have laughed and laughed at this one….so sorry….but you could be kin to me! That kind of stuff happens to me all the time😂 Maybe it’s because when someone called Jinx you owe me a coke, I never bought the coke, so it’s payback?🤷‍♀️😂#woesofFriday 13th child

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  2. Hello Steve and hope you’re enjoying the sun with no incidents 😀 I had to google that skunk hahah I remember it from Cartoon, I can only imagine how it smells :/
    OMG these incidents, they are all annoying indeed, I can imagine the hassle with this printer, I would have smashed it! And cut paper by the way is the worst, it cuts like knife! I didn’t believe it until it happened
    I still remember when people used to have fun bothering others on landlines since the service that shows the number wasn’t there, it used to be really annoying as well
    Thank you for sharing these incident that we laugh on when we remember them but at the time they are so annoying 😃😺🌞 have a great day!

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    • Those skunks, it’s a smell like no other, and when they spray at danger, that smell can linger for a couple months. One of my cats had an unfortunate encounter with one.🙀 Poor cat, he had to live in the shed for a while.😿 I bathed him 4 times with tomato juice, best thing to use, it worked. And he sat so quietly while I bathed him too, which was not normal but I guess he knew I was helping him.😺 After 4 days he could come back inside.😸Thanks so much for reading Huguette!!😃😺🌞🌳

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  3. My in law’s dog almost got sprayed by a skunk last night. He has a tendency to annoy the skunks. You would think that dog would learn but I guess you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. The dog is 12 years old.

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    • I had a cat one time that got sprayed by a skunk too, actually 2 years in a row. The first time was really bad and he had to live in the shed for a few days. I bathed him 4 times in tomato juice and that took the smell away so after his 4 days he could come back inside. Normally he would never sit still for a bath, but he did then, perfectly still, guess he knew I was helping him. Amazing what tomato juice can do! Thanks for reading Hilary, enjoy your evening!


  4. Oh well, these days… I hope it will be better tomorrow…
    But, I love your pictures, and that butterfly is so beautiful.
    Well, Steve it is midnight and I have to run… catch up some blogs…
    Take care.

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  5. Wow…Steve, sounds like you and Muffin are going on the road doing Standup Comedy. Throughly enjoyed your Post. Your vivid and visual imagery was definitely captured🐱

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  6. Hey Steve✨🤗 I know what skunk is and it come inside ur house?🤔 Ha ha someone been watching u and no number seems like a thrilling experience. Oh my… the car incident why its haunting me🤨 i should come out from these imaginations😂 ha ha speaking with printer uhh it wont help throwing out that wont help either .. huh huh doing something else ok tat works for u 😉 ha ha ha enjoyed the read steve.. Thank you so much for making this… 🥰 Made my day🤗👏✍️

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    • Good morning, no, the skunk didn’t come inside, at that time my cat (not Muffin) went outside sometimes and that’s when he met the skunk!😲 Well, I got the last laugh with that printer, after getting a new one, out came my big hammer, oh that was so much fun.🤪🤣 I know, I’m terrible.😂There are always things happening to me, I will be sharing more throughout this month! Hope you have been having a wonderful day!😃😺🌳


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