An August Day And Memories.

Hello to everyone on this rather cool August morning.  It looks like our summer days are gone once again and we are entering the beginning of fall.  It is cooler now, night and day.  And it’s supposed to stay that way from now on.  Sigh.  Summer here is so short.  I will admit, I am not really looking forward to winter again.  If we have another 7 month long winter this year, I think I will go absolutely crazy.  Okay, it might be hard to tell the difference.   It is nice and sunny today though, so that helps a lot.

A lovely spot down by the river.

 It was a day similar to this that Dad and I decided to try some fishing.   There was this nice lake that we had never tried fishing at before, so off we went to see what might be there.  It was nice and early, the sun was shining, no wind, just perfect.  We got the boat into the water, which was easy, all downhill.  Off we went.  Did you bring our lunch?, asked dad.  Naturally, said I.  I don’t see it, said dad.  Oh, oops, left it by the car, I said.  BONEHEAD!  Glad dad is enjoying himself already.  We hadn’t gone far so headed back and I climbed the hill, retrieved our lunch and came back.  Off we went. IMG_5154

Hey, where’s my tackle box?, asked dad.  You said you would look after that, said I.  Great, still in the car, he mumbled.  Back we went.  I climbed the hill back to the car.  Even though dad forgot his tackle box, he figured I should be the one to go get it.  Sigh.  Back down the hill and into the boat.  We have everything now, said I.  Good, said dad.  Off we went.  Hey, where’s my rod?, asked dad.  Not again.  You set it down while we launched the boat, said I, guess you left it lying on the rock.  BONEHEAD!  Hey, it wasn’t my fault.  Really.  Back up the hill, which dad decided I should climb since I was now experienced at it.  Right.  Okay, let’s check everything.  All here.  Finally we are off again. IMG_4677

Looks deep here, I said, looking over the side of the boat.  Don’t do that, yelled dad.  That startled me and I sat up quickly which for some reason really rocked the boat.  Poor dad.  He never did like rocking boats.  He gets dizzy so easily.  BONEHEAD!  Guess he’s okay this time, since he is enjoying himself.  I made a nice cast.  Well, it would have been nice, but the hook got caught on dad’s shirt.  AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!, yelled dad.  Just got your shirt, I said, you ruined my cast.  Could have gotten stuck in my arm, he said.  At least it only ripped the shirt a little, said I.  Dad was looking at this hole in his shirt.  That’s small?, he asked, I can practically put my hand through the hole.  Dad did like to exaggerate at times.IMG_4673

He also liked to stand while fishing.  I was changing lures and put one down on the seat.  Dad chose to sit down right then.  A loud scream and he jumped up.  That rocked the boat again. Dad sat down again.  He screamed again.  What is that?, he asked.  You sat on my lure and bent the hooks, I said.  Pull it out, yelled dad.  Barely stuck in, I said.  But it was still stuck in his pants.  I gave a big pull.  Riiiiiiip.  What was that?, asked dad.  It’s okay, I said, just a small hole, matches the one in your shirt.  Bonehead!  Hard to believe he’s enjoying this.

Oh my, this has gotten a bit longer than I thought.  I will continue this story next time.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


47 Comments on “An August Day And Memories.

    • I always thank God anyway. But after you have read my posts for a while you will see I like to have fun with some things, weather being one of them. However, I still don’t like cold weather, some people do, I like hot weather, some people don’t. Just the way people are. I guess you would have to experience our climate for a year to understand just how cold it gets here and how long those winters really are. It isn’t fun believe me, it is something we bear through, but not enjoy. If I had the opportunity I would be gone to a warmer climate!😂😹🌞🌴


  1. Thank you …
    By the way , I have heard a video about regenerative farming where bees , birds , cows , flowers and other plants are being adopted for sustainable economic development plus biodiversity goodness and eco-friendly agriculture…

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  2. I was just thinking about the coming winter this morning. I’m with you Steve, last winter was rough and I am not looking forward to it. I hope we have a bit warmer winter with less snow. In the meantime, I’m soaking up every last bit of summer I can! Great story about your Dad. I love taking our kids fishing! God bless!

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    • Thanks for reading Ryan! This dip in temperature reminded me of this story, still more to come on this one. Yes, a milder and shorter winter would be nice, 7 months was a bit too long for me and it was our third bad winter in a row too! God bless Ryan, make those memories for your kids!

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  3. Sounds like a beautiful, happy memory.
    Summer weather is still holding up here. The heat usually travels all the way to November. We’ll see what happens.
    Great post!

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  4. It’s chilly in Calgary. I think it’s just Ontario that got hit with the heat wave this year! It hasn’t really been hot this year in Calgary (whole month of July was chilly too). It’s 18C in Calgary today. However, It’s still warmer where my parents are living in Ontario at 24C.

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    • The heat seems to have missed this part of Ontario too, except for a few days. We actually made it to 20 today, but not until late when the sun came out. Hope you have a great evening anyway!😃😺🌳


  5. Canada/Norway = snow and cold.. you and me Steve… I love winter, but I don’t like it when it is snowing….and the cold, no….
    This was a lovely read before bedtime, thank you Steve.
    It is always a pleasure to visit your home.

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  6. I’m reading this like it’s a comedy from a silent film. Picturing your expressions. 🤪🤨 looking forward to part 2…💟

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  7. 😂😂 must be funny to remember this even if it wasn’t funny at the time 😁 having a hole in both shirt and pants 😂 not nice at all!
    It’s great to have memories and funny moments to remember and thank you for sharing them 😊
    Hope the winter will not be rough I can imagine how hard it is since I hate cold too 😕
    Beautiful pictures as always and hope your Saturday is great 🌞😸

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    • Actually I thought it was funny at the time.😂Dad didn’t, but later he laughed about it. There was so many funny things that happened when we were out together, it’s great to sit and remember them at times.😁😂Thanks so very much for reading today Huguette, nice to have you here! My day has been good though the clouds have moved in again and rain is supposed to arrive this evening. But I had a good walk and more pictures as well!🌞🚶‍♂️📷 Hope you have a great Sunday too!😃😺🌞🌳🐿

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      • That’s it, at the time maybe they weren’t funny but later you laugh on it 😁 we never laugh on normal moments!
        It’s always a pleasure, trying to catch up as much as I can 😊
        Let’s hope you will benefit as much as you can before the cold and stormy days
        Have a great day 🌞🌞😸😸

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      • Yes, it’s really quite amazing how much dad and I laughed at these things afterward! Laughing can be good medicine too!🤣 Yes, I hope those cold days hold off for a long time, maybe have a normal start to winter,😀 which would be the second week of November.🤪 That would be nice!😁🌞

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      • Of course! Laughing is the best medicine actually 😁
        Oh that will be great if winter and cold wait until November 😸 left hope so then 😁

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      • November was actually quite normal for us, with snow gone no later than the first week of April. There has been a big change! 7 months is just a bit long for me!🥶🤪

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