Spiders, Spiders…A Poem.

This poem is about true events.  And these are not small spiders, but are up to 4 inches (10cm) across.  Too big for me.  Sigh.


Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

I see them climbing up the wall,

And while I sit, on me they fall,

I really don’t like them at all!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

As they run, they really zip,

They make me jump and even trip,

I even squashed one on my lip!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

I see them sitting on my chair,

I’ve caught them running through my hair,

And in my bed they really scare!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

They’re in my clothes and in my hat,

They are chased around by my cat,

But they will bite and make her scat!

Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

They always run across the floor,

But I can’t take it anymore,

I smash and toss them out the door!

But the next day…there’s even more.


© 2019 Steve McLeod.





98 Comments on “Spiders, Spiders…A Poem.

  1. Spider problems. But squashing it with you lips sounds horrible. Poor Muffin 😦
    I kind of like them though when they’re far away from me because they catch other insects in their web. Damn flies.

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    • I agree, I don’t like living with them either. This is the only place I have ever lived with such huge spiders, and I have lived in quite a few places!😲😳🙀


      • Is there a pesticide that can be used to kill those beasts? I know with having cats around, you have to be careful. I heard one time that pouring peppermint essential oil on cottonballs and putting them around the home will help with some pests.

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      • I do have a spider spray that does work but very toxic so I don’t like to use it indoors. however, I have been spraying outside this summer under the deck where they like to live and that seems to have worked good. Not as many spiders this season and that should be over now until next year. I like that peppermint oil idea, might try that one, smells nice too.


  2. Hey Steve! Wow another poem to Sing 🤗 This is almost like a rhyme that my brothers kid use to sing😁 .. Enjoyed it… what u squashed one on lip🧐 thats gross… ha ha it always comes back from nowhere…✨👏 Wish you a beautiful Sunday without spiders Steve… And forgot to tell you, They are your lovable roommates🤗

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    • Hi Simon, how’s it going? Thanks for stopping by to read another poem! Well, I didn’t squash it on my lips deliberately, I woke up and something was crawling on me and I just squashed it without thinking.😳 Then I had to get up and wash my face! That was terrible really.😣 This kind of roommate I don’t want!😂😹 Enjoy your evening Simon!😃😺🌞🍁🍂

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  3. Get you see wasp spray and spray the spiders. They die quickly.

    The poem made me giggle. Angie is terrified of spiders. I have always gotten a kick out of watching her jump when she sees one. It doesn’t matter how big or cute the spiders is.

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    • Um, Stu, how can you use cute and spider in the same sentence??😂🤣 I do have some spider spray now and it is effective. I don’t really like to use it indoors though because of Muffin. Shouldn’t have to worry now until late spring anyway.😀🙂😺

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