Sunshine Blogger Award! #14.

Hi everyone and welcome to another Sunshine Blogger Award given to me by Lydia.  Please check out her blog if you haven’t already done so.  Thank you so much Lydia for nominating me for this wonderful award!!SunshineBloggerAward

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.
Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.
Ask the nominees 11 new questions.

Lydia’s Questions:

  1. What’s a memory that you’ll cherish forever?  My vacation in a Nice warm place!😁🌞🏖⛱🏝🌴📷
  2. What’s something you enjoy about the Autumn season?  All the beautiful colors, leaves crunching beneath my feet.😁🍁🍂MEOW! Muffin doesn’t like autumn because she can’t have her window open.😾😾🙀
  3. Do you enjoy walking nature trails?  YES!! That was easy. I like easy.😀🌳🚶‍♂️🌲
  4. When was the last time you had a spoon of peanut butter? You mean like taking a spoon and dipping it in the peanut butter and eating it??🤔 Never.😂
  5. Do you drink the suggested amount of water in a day? I try.🤪
  6. Do you enjoy cooking? hahahahaha!😂😂🤣🤣I mean, not really.🙄  But baking, YES!👨‍🍳👨‍🍳
  7. What’s something that really makes you smile? Another smile.🙂😀MEOW! Oh, and of course Muffin always makes me smile every day!😁😹😹
  8. Do you prefer coffee or hot chocolate? COFFEE all the way!!!!😁😁☕☕☕👍👍
  9. What’s your favorite type of sweet bread? Hmm, to be honest, don’t have one.🤔😀
  10. How do you like your potatoes cooked? As 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟! Or boiled.😀🤪
  11. In your opinion, what combination sounds better: apple sauce on fried chicken or ketchup in your cereal? Since you asked what sounds better, not which I would actually eat, I will go with apple sauce on fried chicken. Never had that, but it really doesn’t sound too bad.😃😂😹

Now, questions for my nominees:

  1. What is your favorite fruit?
  2. What is your favorite meat?
  3. Do you like to make your own juice or buy it?
  4. Do you like to bake?
  5. Do you like to cook?
  6. Would you rather eat at home or a restaurant every day?
  7. Do you like to travel?
  8. Do you enjoy walks in nature?
  9. Do you enjoy camping?
  10. Would you prefer to live by the sea or in the mountains?
  11. Would you prefer to live in an apartment/flat, or in a house?

Now for my nominees:

Well, that’s it for today folks, I hope you have enjoyed this award post.  Thanks again Lydia!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

50 Comments on “Sunshine Blogger Award! #14.

  1. Steve Congrats! Yours and and Muffin’s Country is always a breath of sunshine! So sorry she can’t have her window open.😿 And so glad you got to vacation at a warm place before Winter sets in! Thanks so much for the nomination friend! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      • I’m not ready for cold weather! I may need to hibernate to some warm place!….I guess I can’t complain, even though it was another day spent recuperating from sinus troubles and a doc visit. I’m thankful for another day no matter what! 🙂 Hope your evening is a good one as well. 😸

        Liked by 2 people

      • I’m finally here! Yes, my chipmunks are smart, stay inside all winter, eat and sleep.😂🐿I pray your sinus’ clear up. Yep, me too, still thankful, even with the pain. Have a great day!😃😺🍁🍂


  2. Congratulations Steve! Enjoyed reading all your answers. It’s been really long we have seen award posts. Like autumn season award season just begun 🤔😄😜 nice questions and congrats to all the nominees ✨🤗✍️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry for taking so long to do this but I will do soon my wife been sick and I have to tin to her. But soon I get to it I appreciate the award. I was suppose to been let you know

    Liked by 1 person

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